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NS_ERROR_FAILURE in Firefox 105, when .fillText is called on canvas's context, inside element with shadow DOM


(Core :: Graphics: Canvas2D, defect)

Firefox 105



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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Generate Ionic + Angular project
  2. Create canvas element inside ion-content element, in the Ionic Page
  3. Add selector (e.g. #canva) to the canvas element
  4. Query the element by Angular's ViewChild
  5. Get 2d context in Angular's ngAfterViewInit
  6. Call .flllText('hello, world', 10, 10) on 2d context

Expected: hello, world is visible
Actual: An error is thrown

(stackblitz:, I couldn't find proper reproduction steps which wouldn't use Ionic)

Related issues with libraries:

Actual results:

If one would like to write a text using .fillText, or even change font styling by using .font in the canvas element, it results in NS_ERROR_FAILURE.

Expected results:

Text-related actions on canvas 2d context should not throw an error

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Component: Untriaged → Graphics: Canvas2D
Product: Firefox → Core

I am seeing this same error within an Angular & ionic app but with amchart tooltip text instead.

Attached file Code reproduction

I was able to reproduce the issue outside of Ionic. The reported issue appears when trying to draw on a canvas passed to a Shadow DOM custom element that does not have a <slot>.

  1. Open attached code reproduction in Firefox 105+.
  2. Open developer tools.
  3. In the "Inspector" tab observe that there is a <canvas> element inside of a custom element named <my-cmp>.
  4. Observe that the reported error is in the console.
  5. In the custom element constructor, add root.innerHTML = '<slot></slot>';.
  6. Reload the page. Observe that the error is no longer present and the canvas is drawn correctly.

This issue was happening in Ionic because Stencil, the Web Component compiler that Ionic uses, was adding the <slot> asynchronously. As a result, there was a period where the custom element had been upgraded to use the Shadow DOM, but the component's slot had not yet been added to the DOM.

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:lsalzman, could you have a look please?

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Severity: -- → S3

I've encontered the same error using Ionic React and Chart.js

When could one expect that this bug will be fixed? There is no Priority set.

This happens because we up checking the pref layout.css.computed-style.styles-outside-flat-tree via nsComputedDOMStyle::GetComputedStyle. That was introduced quite intentionally it seems in bug 1483798. Emilio is that behavior expected?

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See Also: → 1483798

Yes, there's no style for those elements per spec, but we shouldn't throw.

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When an element is out of the flat tree we should treat it the same as
when it is out of the document, it has no meaningful style.

Assignee: nobody → emilio
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Deal better with canvases without styles. r=lsalzman,gfx-reviewers
Created web-platform-tests PR for changes under testing/web-platform/tests
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Keep checking for shell destruction.
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