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Fixes to get Dart programs working


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This assert should be checking WordBits, not WordSize.

This commit:

  • Uses a consistent style of iterating backwards over struct fields
  • Changes array.new_fixed in baseline to init backwards, aligning with InitExpr and V8
  • Fixes WAO::fillVal when itemIndex != 0 (a latent bug, not triggerable)

Depends on D159793

This fixes it to use the one in V8's milestone 6. For sanity
sake we keep allowing the version used by wasm-tools, and will
remove it once we do our next update.

Depends on D159794

This commit remove WASM_PRIVATE_REFTYPES which is from the original prototype
that Lars wrote. It's not been needed since we added 'isExposable' to prevent
certain wasm values such as V128 from going to JS, and used that for GC

This commit also removes the restriction on non-nullable globals. The
globals JS-API supports non-nullable globals, and the internal
wasm type system should ensure all globals are initialized to

As a drive-by, the table.get() JS-API was updated to not work when the
table has a non-exposable value type.

Depends on D159795

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Pushed by
wasm: Fix assert in UnsetLocalsState. r=yury
wasm: Standardize iteration of struct/array new instructions. r=jseward
wasm: Fix recursion group prefix byte. r=yury
wasm: Remove 'private reftypes' and allow non-nullable globals. r=yury
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