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Clipchamp not supported in Firefox


(Web Compatibility :: Site Reports, task, P2)


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(Depends on 2 open bugs, )


(Keywords: webcompat:platform-bug, Whiteboard: webcompat:unsupported)

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Clipchamp, now a Microsoft product, isn't supported in Firefox. From the WebCompat bug, where one of their engineers commented, we've learned that there are a couple of platform features and bugs that are relevant here.

Let's use this metabug to keep track of those!

Depends on: webcodecs

Tentatively adding bug 1486454 as another dependency, as per the comment in the web-bug. It might be a different performance issue, but it's worth keeping track of that in some way.

Depends on: 1486454
Depends on: 1886472
Depends on: 1886474
User Story: (updated)
Summary: [meta] Clipchamp support in Firefox → Clipchamp not supported in Firefox
Whiteboard: webcompat:unsupported
Severity: -- → S2
Priority: -- → P2

I tested Clipchamp spoofing the UA on both nightly and my WIP rVFC implementation. On nightly, the video doesn't show at all, and neither video nor audio work when you click play. With the WIP patches, the video interface is visible, you can apply filters / etc, and you can navigate the timeline. Currently, when you click on play, it plays back audio but frames aren't updating properly. I should be able to get this working better with some changes.

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