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Firefox fails to commit Wayland xdg_surface after ack_configure


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Attached file Wayland compositor log

Firefox sometimes fails to commit an xdg_surface it creates after sending ack_configure. This results in the surface contents sometimes not being displayed after a resize finishes.

Attached is the compositor log demonstrating the incorrect behavior. After xdg_surface.configure (106) is sent, Firefox does not commit the associated xdg_surface, so the surface contents remain frozen. However, it does commit a desynchronous subsurface that is a child of the xdg_surface, which is not what the xdg_shell protocol says should be done in reply to an xdg_surface.configure event.

The log was generated with WebRender compositor integration enabled, but also happens without.

Which Wayland compositor do you run?

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One I'm currently writing, but AFAICT from the log it isn't doing anything wrong (like not running frame callbacks.)

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Does it have any visible consequences? i.e. do you see missing windows or so? Is there any testcase available?

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Yes, Firefox freezes until another configure event is generated, at which point it does commit.

WDYM by test-case?


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Sorry but I fail to imagine how it looks like on user end. Is part of window missing after resize or so? How can I reproduce it? May you create a screencast of it, how it looks like?

The visible consequence is that the window contents "freeze" until the next configure event has a chance to make Firefox call commit, at which point the compositor resumes processing damage from the window. I've attached a screencast showing the problem. Thanks.

Interesting. I haven't seen such behavior in Mutter/KDE. Which compositor is that?

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(In reply to [:nickname] Po Lu from comment #2)

One I'm currently writing

Is it based on wlroots or completely custom? Is it on Github? Does the problem still occur with

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