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Allow third-party apps to open a private tab


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From github:

What is the user problem or growth opportunity you want to see solved?

There should be a way for third-party apps to signal that they want to open a link (ACTION_VIEW intent) in a private tab. e.g. when doing the equivalent of private browsing in another app, that app should have the ability to open browser links in a firefox private tab as well.

fennec had this feature as described here: however apparently it was not implemented in fenix.

How do you know that this problem exists today? Why is this important?

I've looked at the latest fenix source code. Private mode seems to be communicated using the 'private_browsing_mode' extra, however it is overwritten by the IntentReceiverActivity.

Who will benefit from it?

Probably not very many people, since it still requires explicit support by third-party apps. However the possibility of adding support would be a nice addition.

As the change seems fairly easy, I can work on a PR for this issue. However I'm not sure if this project requires CLA approval by the employer. If it does, I probably won't be able to get that approval easily enough to make it worth it. If no CLA is required, I can contribute.

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