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swipe-to-nav icon can get "stuck" on (until you perform some other two-finger gesture), if you click to open context-menu while swiping


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  1. Perform a two-finger swipe-to-nav gesture, moving your fingers very slowly.
  2. When the icon changes color to show that it's been "activated" (but before you've gone far enough to cause navigation to happen as you swipe), press your touchpad to "click" it. (This causes a context menu to appear for whatever element you're hovering.)
  3. Release your fingers from the touchpad.
  4. (optional) Click somewhere else on the page; try typing into a text field, switching tabs away & back, etc.

The context menu seems to prevent the swipe-to-nav navigation from occurring; but the UI remains in place. So you end up looking at the same page, with the arrow overlay permanently in place This persists even as you interact with the page by e.g. typing text, scrolling with arrow keys, switching tabs. However, if you perform any two-finger gesture at this point (e.g. two-finger scroll), then the swipe-to-nav UI gets unstuck and the navigation suddenly happens.

UX shouldn't stick. Probably the context-menu should cause the navigation to be fully canceled and the UI should disappear.

This is not a regression from the recent swipe-to-nav macOS UI refresh. I can reproduce this in current Nightly 2023-01-24, as well as in Nightly from nearly 2 months ago, 2022-12-01, which doesn't have the recent changes. (I haven't done further regression testing so I'm not sure how far back this goes; but it goes back at least as far as 2022-12-01.)

Attached video Screencast

Here's a screencast demonstrating the bug. This reproduces on any site as long as you have something in your history to navigate back to; in this case, I'm using to demonstrate that I can interact with the form, open dropdowns, type text, switch tabs away&back, etc. and the overlay remains in place.

(Hoping that perhaps hiro can take a look or pass along to someone who could. I suspect the "open context menu while swiping" workflow isn't a core use-case :) but it's easy to trigger by accident, if you just press your touchpad a bit too hard while doing a swipe-to-nav gesture. That's how I ran across this, at least.)

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Yeah we have a similar issue on overscrolling. Moving into Widget:Cocoa for now since, as far as I can tell, to fix this issue we need to interact between SwipeTracker and widget code, and I believe clicking on the touchpad without lifting fingers is a Mac specific feature.

Severity: -- → S3
Component: General → Widget: Cocoa
Flags: needinfo?(hikezoe.birchill)
Priority: -- → P3
Product: Firefox → Core
See Also: → 1707570
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