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In the page there are (probably) two layers. The
first is being showed when data sent in form from is being processed. This layer should disappear
when a confirmation is being showed (this is the second layer). It doesn't
disappear and there are two layers superimposed on each other.

Reproducible: Didn't try

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go to
2. After validation obtain a RMA
3. When you send a form from you should see the

Actual Results:  
Two layers were superimposed on each other.

Expected Results:  
The first layer should disappear.
So the steps to reproduce require having a seagate drive on hand? ;)

How about saving the problem page as "web page, complete" and attaching to the bug?

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16 years ago
Created attachment 107055 [details]
a copy of the problem page

It was impossible to use "save page as" option, so I only copied a source of
this page.

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16 years ago
Seagate has part of there page in an area called #waitpage this is the
Processing... part.  After the BODY is loaded, waitforit() is ran.  The purpose
of waitforit() is to turn #waitpage visability to hidden so only one layer is
shown.  I don't know how to do this in javascript to test my theory.

BTW the other layer is #results.
Ah, indeed.  Here is the relevant code:

function waitforit() {
    if (document.layers) { // Netscape methods
      document.waitpage.visibility = 'hide';
    else if (document.all) { // IE methods = 'hidden';
      // Netscape 6 ?
      var d1 = document.getElementsById('waitpage');
      if (d1) {
        d1.innerHTML = '';

Note the typo:  getElementsById instead of getElementById.

Over to evangelism...  The right thing to do would be:

document.getElementById('waitpage').style.visibility = "hidden";

this would work in Mozilla, Opera, IE5+, Konqueror (pretty much anything except
Netscape 4).
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Summary: layer doesn't disappear when it have to → - layer doesn't disappear when it have to

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5 years ago
URL is obsolete. works fine.
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