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[CTW] Language not reported for images


(Core :: Disability Access APIs, defect)





(Reporter: Jamie, Unassigned)



STR (with the NVDA screen reader):

  1. In NVDA menu -> Settings -> Preferences -> Speech:
    • Set the Synthesizer to eSpeak NG.
    • Enable Automatic language switching.
  2. Open this test case:
    data:text/html,<img alt="123" lang="de" src="">
  3. Press down arrow to read the line.
    • Expected: NVDA speaks "einhundertdreiundzwanzig" (123 in German).
    • Actual: NVDA speaks "one hundred twenty three" in English.

In bug 1757127, I implemented support for Accessible::Language using the text atributes cache. However, images aren't HyperTextAccessibles, so they don't have text attributes. We'll need special handling for this. We can either:

  1. Cache language in the main cache for this case.
  2. Create a text attributes cache with just this one attribute. While a bit wasteful, it does make the retrieval code simpler.

Either way, we'll need a different code path in BundleFieldsForCache.

Blocks: a11y-ctw
Depends on: 1757127
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