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Broken tab sharing on Wayland


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Steps to reproduce:

It is not possible to share a tab on Wayland. There are actually couple of issues:

  1. It is not possible to share a tab as the list in the picker is created in a way that there is supposed to be only one option.
  2. A wrong capturer type is created for tab sharing (my fault)
  3. We assume that tab/browser sharing will use OS dialog

Do not specify that browser/tab sharing will be using OS prompt because
xdg-desktop-portal has no information about the browser and its tabs.
Also do mot make the xdg-desktop-portal placehoder as the only item on
the list in the picker, because we want to see tabs there and these can
also show previews, which were completely disabled if PipeWire is used.
Lastly avoid creating wrong capturer when tabs are being shared.

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