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Add link to our deployed Storybook instance in our docs


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Now that Bug 1766701 has landed and our existing Storybook/reusable components documentation is more accessible, we should also link to our deployed storybook instance in these docs. Here is the deployed Storybook instance. We should probably add this link in the Storybook for Firefox doc under the title heading

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Keywords: good-first-bug
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hi, I am outreachy applicant and would like to be assigned to this issue

Hello, I am also looking at this issue, as it is unassigned now. I have figured out the code where changes are required. But I have a doubt here. You mentioned adding the link at the end of the first sentence in the doc. This means after the end of this whole line, "Storybook is a component library to document our design system, reusable components, and any specific components you might want to test with dummy data." Or do we have to add the link for the word "storyBook" because when some clicks on storyBook will get retired to this new link? Please let me know. Thanks.

I have made the changes as mentioned. Should I make a commit for review ?

Assignee: nobody → tiwari.abhishektiwari23

Sir, I have deleted the previous file I was working on, so I am making a new patch for it.

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