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Add an option to hide / show blackboxed sources


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Gives the users control over if they want to see or not see the blackboxed sources (in the source tree, stack frame etc)
Note the sources will still be grayed out
The benefits is users can still inspect blackboxed code if they need to but also can hide them completely if they need more focus.
Chrome has something like this

See Also: → 905863
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Attachment #9326624 - Attachment description: WIP: Bug 1824703 - [devtools] Add context menu item to hide / show ignored files → Bug 1824703 - [devtools] Add context menu item to hide / show ignored files r=nchevobbe
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[devtools] Add context menu item to hide / show ignored files r=nchevobbe,devtools-reviewers,bolsson
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:bomsy could you please consider nominating this for a relnote?

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Release Note Request (optional, but appreciated)
[Why is this notable]: Improves productivity and focus for users by allowing them hide ignored files.
[Affects Firefox for Android]: No
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Allows hiding of ignored sources, which should increase user focus and productivity.


The sources will be removed from the sources tree.


In current web development we rely third-party libraries which the user might not be interested in while debugging. These can be ignored. Ignoring them means that breakpoints will not get hit, and they would be skipped during stepping. This provides the user a level of productivity and focus. If there a lot of these ignored third-party sources, it can be difficult finding needed files. This feature allows us hide the ignored sources temporarily.

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Thanks, added a slightly reworded note to the Nightly release notes. Keeping the relnote? flag open to keep it on the radar for inclusion in our final release notes.

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