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saved password displayed as suggestion (SECURITY ISSUE)


(Toolkit :: Password Manager, defect, P2)

Firefox 110





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Steps to reproduce:

previously used the suggested password, and slightly edited, saved it for a site.
Now visit the site and arrive at the login page.
click into the password field.

Actual results:

I see three sections displayed in the popup that appears below the password field:

  • the login I saved and the text "From this website" - this is expected and good.
  • "use a securely generated password" and the displayed suggestion is the same as the password that is currently set - this I never ever want to see displayed on the screen unless I asked for it! (masked pink in the screenshot)
  • "View Saved Logins" button - this is expected

Expected results:

  1. either (to me preferably) the "use a securely generated" should not appear if the site I am on already has a saved password. When I revisit a site I already have a stored password for, I am very likely at a login prompt, and not at a "change your password" or "register a new account" page, and being suggested a password is not helpful.
  2. alternatively, the suggestion displayed should be a new random password, and definitely not one that is stored for this or any account! This leaks confidential information to an observer of my browser session and MUST NOT HAPPEN!

( I have not checked "Security" as this is not a vulnerability or issue beyond what the user already observes, so there is no need to hide it and hiding it may only lead to duplicate bug reports.)

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screenshot of password field popup showing currently set password as generated (masked pink)

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