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fix regressions from bug 171493 ( reorg)


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On bugzilla-tip, any changes submitted to a bug clears the cc_accessible flag on
that bug.

I'm not flagging this as security because this results in an installation which
is potentially more secure than you want, rather than less secure.
OK, more research shows the value does get put into the database according to
what's on the form, however, the form is always getting pre-populated with the
checkbox empty, regardless of the existing value.  This suggests either the
template is pulling the wrong value or the new isn't loading it...
Keywords: regression
Summary: cc_accessible gets cleared when changing a bug → cc_accessible not populated in show_bug (it's always cleared)
Oh, yeah, umm.

I noticed this yesterday. Fixed in the patch for bug 158499, as well as a few
other minor issues.

Fix is to s/./,/ in, where we pull stuff out of the DB. 'oops'. If that
doesn't get reviewed today, I'll pull out the regression fixes separately.
Attached patch fix regressionsSplinter Review
This should fix:

- cclist_accessible always reported |undef| ('.' instead of ',')
- the js for changing the assignee was wrong (assigned_to_email vs, from a previous iteraton)
- blocking bugs weren't shown - this was another case of xml vs show_bug having

different field names. I changed (and thus the xml output), because it
was easier than also changing process_bug.
- There was an extra </a> for the target milestone milestoneurl link

I pulled this out of the patch for bug 158499
-> me, and changing summary - I suspect that more people will notice blockers
being removed anyway ;)
Assignee: myk → bbaetz
Summary: cc_accessible not populated in show_bug (it's always cleared) → fix regressions from
Target Milestone: --- → Bugzilla 2.18
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Flags: approval+
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Summary: fix regressions from → fix regressions from bug 171493 ( reorg)
I also checked in a one-line typo-fix in pointed out on irc by tm:

-  $self->{'any_flags_requesteeable'} = grep($_->{'is_requesteeble'}, @$flag_types);
+  $self->{'any_flags_requesteeble'} = grep($_->{'is_requesteeble'}, @$flag_types);
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