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Firefox does not respond when using SD Times in maximized window when using NVDA


(Core :: Disability Access APIs, defect)

Firefox 114
Windows 10





(Reporter: 4RJames, Unassigned)


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Steps to reproduce:

Using Firefox stable and nightly with NVDA screen reader:
With the window maximized on Windows 10
Go to the SD Times web site using this link:
Then try to read the content using the mouse cursor

Actual results:

The browser locks up and does not respond

I used the windows task manager to end the task

Expected results:

The browser should not have locked up

This worked fine using the Edge browser

Then I noticed that if the Firefox window was not maximized it work without hanging and the web page content coud be read using the mouse cursor and NVDA

Component: Untriaged → Disability Access APIs
OS: Unspecified → Windows 10
Product: Firefox → Core
Hardware: Unspecified → x86_64

Is there anywhere specific you need to move the mouse to trigger this? I opened the page, ensured the window was maximised and moved the mouse around the screen. NVDA reported content, but I didn't see any lock up.

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Thanks for asking...
I just tried to reproduce this using the same link in this problem report
Prior to clicking on the link the Firefox nightly window was maximized
With this version of Firefox nightly it does not seem to be hanging/crashing

However the content of that articl / web page is not readable
Whether I use the mouse cursor or tab key the article title and text are not spoken by NVDA

When I restore down the Firefox nightly window it the content becomes accessible.
When I maximize the window the content becomes inaccessible again...

This is a sample of the content that is not being spoken in case it helps:

SD Times Open Source Project of the Week: Tython
Latest NewsOpen Source Project of the Week Published: April 21st, 2023

  • Katie Dee

Tython is an open-source Security as Code framework and SDK that is geared towards building security design patterns as-code. It takes an architectural approach to cloud security, supports the user’s choice of programming language, and removes vendor lock-in.

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I can't reproduce this by routing the mouse, but perhaps the bounds are wrong, which would mean mouse routing is bogus.

Nathan, can you reproduce this with a real mouse?

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Severity: -- → S3

I tried a bunch of configurations in an attempt to reproduce this. I tried Win11 and Win10, maximized and fullscreen, restoring and maximizing the window.

I did manage to, after maybe an hour of poking at this, get Nightly to lock up as described. I do not know what I did to trigger it; it didn't seem to be any specific action that I did that I could note. After getting Nightly to lock up, I tried again to reproduce the issue, but haven't been able to do so since. I did manage to get NVDA to become unresponsive after more poking, but I'm unsure what specific actions triggered this. It happened around the time that I was messing around with the window options (maximize, restore, move, and so on). I don't have any reliable steps. There seems to be smoke here, but I haven't found the fire.

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Thank you for trying to reproduce the problem!

As I reported in my previous comment on this one I can no longer reproduce the hang.

However, when the Firefox Nightly window is maximized the article text cannot be read.
When I restore down that maximized windo the article text becomes readable.
If I maximize the window again the article text becomes unreadable again.
Note that other content on that web page is readable even when the article text is not readable.
There must be something unusual going on with that web page...

I was just able to do this again using:
114.0a1 (2023-05-02) (64-bit)
This is the same when using Firefox stable

Speaking to Nathan yesterday, I believe he also wasn't able to reproduce the problem where the article text isn't read with the mouse. For him, the article text was read even when the window was maximised.

Is it possible you have any other settings that might change things here? For example, do you have the page zoomed or similar?

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This is reproducible with both nightly and stable.
I'm not aware of any other settings that could be causing this problem...
If there is a setup procedure to use or additional information I can provide let me know.

I would like to reiterate, while other content is accessible, the article specific content is not, under those conditions.

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I updated firefox nightly
I exited my firefox nightly session to start a new one
When I restarted firefox nightly and had only one active tab
I pasted that URL into the address and hit enter
My firefox nightly window ghosted and hung and the windows clode program dialog popped up
When I closed and restarted I lost all of my history! :-(
Not good, very frustrating, more than the original problem...

I could not reproduce the issue on Win10x64 using Firefox build 114.0a1 (20230507095340), I did zoom, maximize and full screen and NVDA tool read the text and Firefox did not hung.
Does does this also happen with a new and empty profile? See Thank you.

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Today I tried again after updating using:
114.0a1 (2023-05-08) (64-bit)
I also used stable:
112.0.2 (64-bit)

I got the same results, all the content on the page except the article was spoken...

I remoted to another Windows 10 computer, updated Firefox Nightly, and tried with the same results.

When I use the mouse the article text can be selected but it will not be spoken.
When I use the tab key the article text is skipped over...

That is when the Firefox Nightly window is maximized, when it is restored down it works correctly.

I'm not using any zoom...

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I went back to the remote computer to try to use troubleshoot mode

When I returned it was still on that web page and the window was reduced down.
There was a subscription pop up/dialog box on display...
When I attempted to interact Firefox Nightly froze and NVDA stopped speaking
I restarted NVDA and it was again speaking
The Firefox Nightly window was ghosted and I ended the task using the task manager

I restarted Firefox Nightly using troubleshoot mode
It came up and restored my previous session
That Firefox Nightly window was presented with that web page in question The article text was accessible using the mouse

When I maximized that Firefox Nightly window again the article text was not accessible to the mouse
When I reduced down the window the article text was again accessible to the mouse...

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