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Pull time duration for the sheriffing KPIs alert categories


(Tree Management :: Perfherder, task, P1)


(Not tracked)


(Reporter: alexandrui, Assigned: bacasandrei)



(Whiteboard: [fxp])

Pull time duration for the sheriffing KPIs alert categories: Beta, Valid Regressions, Valid Improvements

Component: Treeherder → Perfherder

Instead of pulling the time duration (which is hard to do excluding weekends in redash) I suggest having separate queries that track the percentages for mozilla-beta alerts, and valid improvements (for the time to bug query. The time to triage tracks all the alerts). It is hard to do this for infra alerts because there's no field that tracks when an alert was acknowledged, only when a bug was linked last time. But now that we have bug_due_date implemented it is easier to accurately track the rest.

Assignee: aionescu → bacasandrei
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