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Some settings were shown incorrectly in Privacy & Security in Firefox 115.0a1 (2023-06-01)


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Steps to reproduce:

I started Firefox 115.0a1 (2023-06-01) on Wayland in Plasma 5.27.5 in a Fedora 38 KDE Plasma installation. I selected Edit in the the menu bar then Settings. I selected Privacy & Security in the Settings page. I had previously set the following settings in Privacy & Security which are relevant to this problem. For Enhanced Tracking Protection, I had set Custom and enabled the following
Cookies All Cross-site cookies
Tracking Content All Windows

In History, I had selected Always use private browsing mode. In DNS over HTTPS, I had Increased Protection selected (the default).

Actual results:

Some incorrect settings were shown in the Privacy & Security page in the Settings in Firefox 115.0a1 (2023-06-01), but not in earlier builds. For Enhanced Tracking Protection the selected circle was Standard, but the Custom setting box was highlighted in blue.
Cookies was selected, but Cross-site cookies tracking cookies, and isolate other cross-site cookies was incorrectly shown.
Tracking Content was selected, but Only in Private Windows was incorrectly shown.
Cryptominers was incorrectly shown as not selected
Fingerprinters was incorrectly shown as not selected

In History, Always use private browsing mode didn't have a selected checkbox. In DNS over HTTPS, the circle for Default Protection was incorrectly selected, but the Increased Protection box was highlighted in blue.

I bisected this problem with MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 mozregression --good 2023-5-31 --bad 2023-6-1 --persist /tmp/mozregression -p ~/.mozilla/firefox/z8d4nvrc.default-nightly

The first bad revision was for Bug 1831259 - prevent initialization re-entrancy for preference panes

6:15.42 INFO: Narrowed integration regression window from [a934ffbf, 55bc4f5d] (3 builds) to [a934ffbf, c34f2e33] (2 builds) (~1 steps left)
6:15.42 INFO: No more integration revisions, bisection finished.
6:15.42 INFO: Last good revision: a934ffbfaecf6f5be6cfa34d789a9430c2330a07
6:15.42 INFO: First bad revision: c34f2e337a314e032ed98b495ed78b16e193d04e
6:15.42 INFO: Pushlog:

When I restored the settings above to their previous values and restarted Firefox 115.0a1 (2023-06-01), the incorrect settings were shown again except in Enhanced Tracking Protection which saved the correct settings in the second parts of
Cookies All Cross-site cookies
Tracking Content All Windows

I'm attaching a recording of the incorrect settings.

Expected results:

The Privacy & Security settings should have have been shown correctly.

Component: Untriaged → Settings UI
Keywords: regression
Regressed by: 1831259

:Gijs, since you are the author of the regressor, bug 1831259, could you take a look? Also, could you set the severity field?

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I have already requested a backout of 1831259.

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Fixed by backout.

Closed: 11 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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Set release status flags based on info from the regressing bug 1831259

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