Open Bug 1847219 Opened 9 months ago Updated 9 months ago

Stop using script evaluation for internal methods and directly use Debugger API


(DevTools :: Console, task)



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(Reporter: arai, Unassigned)



bug 1842701 will change the behavior of Debugger.Object.prototype.executeInGlobalWithBindings not to shadow globals,
but that doesn't work with other internal methods that utilizes evalWithDebugger script evaluation (see bug 1842701 comment #26),
I'm going to add an option to keep the old behavior, but eventually those internal methods should stop using the script evaluation, and the option should be removed.

(In reply to Nicolas Chevobbe [:nchevobbe] from bug 1842701 comment #27)

My initial feeling is that all those internal methods shouldn't have to use script evaluation to work, and would rather have dedicated webconsole actor methods that would use the Debugger API to achieve what they should do.

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