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Investigate a button that is failing Tier 2 a11y_checks for Core: Necko


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(Reporter: ayeddi, Assigned: ayeddi)



(Keywords: access, Whiteboard: [necko-triaged])

We are working on enabling Tier 2 a11y-checks to ensure our products have basic accessibility built-in (bug 1692110) and before that, we need to prepare the existing code base. While we triage and investigate the existent test that would fail once the a11y-checks are enabled in the CI, the failing test was failed-if by the bug 1854522.

This task is to track the investigation into the reasons this test failed and to be able to backtrack this test once it's resolved.

If separate bugs are needed, they are to block the following bugs:

  1. (all) this bug
  2. (Node is not accessible via accessibility API / Node is not focusable via the accessibility API / Node is enabled but disabled via the accessibility API) Bug 1848394 (a11y_checks_focusable)

Test affected:

Result	Path	Error	Element ID	Element tagName
FAIL	netwerk/test/browser/browser_bug1629307.js	Node is not focusable via the accessibility API		button

Jobs affected:

  1. test-linux1804-64-qr/opt-mochitest-browser-chrome-swr-a11y-checks-${1-7} (Try run)

Some Tier 2 accessibility checks for click events fired on controls that should be keyboard accessible and have valid labels were failing for this component. They were captured by testing/mochitest/tests/SimpleTest/AccessibilityUtils.js via bug 1692110. These failing tests should be temporarily skipped in the directory's browser.ini file while we investigate these failures. For all confirmed bugs individual defects should be filed.

When the test failure is resolved and its associated bug is closed, remove the fail-if condition for a11y_checks from the appropriate file/section to ensure better test coverage and to avoid regressions in a11y of this component.

Whiteboard: [necko-triaged]
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