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source-test-doc-generate should flag "x new warnings" line as error on taskcluster/treeherder


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(firefox121 fixed)

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firefox121 --- fixed


(Reporter: Gijs, Assigned: standard8)




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I recently introduced a new warning in a patch and got backed out. This is the failing job:

The highlighted test output in taskcluster/treeherder is:

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/taskcluster/ci/docker-image/kind.yml'
3804	subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['/builds/worker/.mozbuild/srcdirs/gecko-8a5b87fe5d69/_virtualenvs/docs/bin/python', 'doc', '--outdir', 'docs-out', '--no-open', '--no-serve', '--archive', '--fatal-warnings', '--check-num-warnings', '--dump-trees=/builds/worker/artifacts/trees.json']' returned non-zero exit status 2.
3820	NameError: name 'self' is not defined
3840	mach.base.MachError: Mach command 'cmd_foo' implemented incorrectly. Conditions argument must take a list of functions. Found <class 'str'> instead.
3866	KeyError: "'OS_TARGET'"
3887	KeyError: "'BIN_SUFFIX'"

I would argue this does not really provide any context for why the patch was backed out. :-)

It would be useful if at least the "1 new warnings" line was highlighted, and possibly if some of the above things were fixed/hidden.

Depends on: 1807831

I think I may have at least partial fixes for this.

Assignee: nobody → standard8

I've not been able to figure out all the lines that are raised, but I figured out the first one which also cleaned up a bunch of warnings.

Example try push of new failure mode:

Try push for success:

Pushed by
Add yaml files to sphinx-docs sparse checkout to avoid file not found issues in source generation. r=sylvestre
Improve mach doc errors so that they show up on treeherder summaries. r=sylvestre
See Also: → 1864608
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