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Inputs styled with "-moz-user-focus: none" is no longer focusable


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Firefox 122



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Gecko 122 no longer allows inputs styled with "-moz-user-focus: none" to be focused. Since some websites (such as still set this for unknown reasons, this change will create some compatible problems.

Such sites are functional on Gecko 120. The attached file named "demo.html" can be used to demonstrate the behavior difference.

Keywords: regression
Regressed by: 1868552

Set release status flags based on info from the regressing bug 1868552

:emilio, since you are the author of the regressor, bug 1868552, could you take a look? Also, could you set the severity field?

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So... what's the right way of checking the new use counter data? doesn't show newer use-counter data. (I'd ask :chutten but requests blocked :)).

In any case, depending on the use counter data, we can take a few approaches:

  • If it's really low, CSS compat intervention would do.
  • Otherwise, hiding this property from content is probably better.

For now I requested sheriffs to back out the regressing patch from beta, for now.

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-moz-user-focus: none didn't do anything useful for non-XUL until
bug 1868552. It seems nonetheless some sites specify it, which can cause
compat issues.

Let's hide this property from content, to avoid breaking those sites.

Assignee: nobody → emilio
Pushed by
Hide -moz-user-focus from content. r=smaug

Backed out for causing bc failures on browser_bug462289.js, browser_PanelMultiView_focus.js

Backout link

Push with failures

Failure log 1 // Failure log 2

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So that chrome code can keep setting -moz-user-focus via script, for

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Attached file Requested diff.
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Setting 122 to fixed, the regressor was backed out of beta

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Pushed by
Hide -moz-user-focus from content. r=smaug
Keep exposing chrome-only properties on CSS2Properties. r=peterv
Closed: 4 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 123 Branch

(In reply to Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) from comment #3)

So... what's the right way of checking the new use counter data? doesn't show newer use-counter data. (I'd ask :chutten but requests blocked :)).

To my knowledge the new data is still pending validation, so I'd hesitate to recommend using it until we get greenlight from Chris (who is now back). See bug 1866834 for the most recent updates on the topic.

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MDN docs for this can be tracked in

My understanding is that from the website developer perspective, the change will appear to be that the -moz-user-focus (and associated property values) has been removed from Firefox in FF123. Is that correct, or is the existence of this property still useful to anyone outside of firefox development?

If so, then would the right change be to record this as removed in BCD and mark as deprecated?

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That sounds about right.

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