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Bugzilla quips are not random


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I have 100 + quips in my quips table, however the same quip is selected 
approximately 80% of the time. Having deleted the quip in question, Buzilla now 
selects another quip around 80% of the time. It seems like the ramdomizer 
function isn't randomizing very well?

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Run a query
2.Hit Browser Refresh
3.Hit Browser Refresh Again

Actual Results:  
Same quip is selected and displayed most of the time, although there are over 
100 quips in the quip table.

Expected Results:  
A quip to be selected at random each time a query is run.
This is currently using SQL instructions to get the randomness, so it's using
whatever random mechanism that MySQL uses.


It does support passing a seed however...  perhaps we can generate a random
number in perl to use as a seed?
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I don't know if thats portable, either - RAND() isn't deterministic, so if it
needs to be evaluated more than once for comparison, you'll get strange results.

Maybe LIMIT 1 OFFSET x, where x is a random number (generated in perl) between 1
and SELECT COUNT(*) FROM quips ?

Or we could just use a counter, and iterate through it every time that function
is  called, or something.
The correct way, fwiw, would be something like:

SELECT quip FROM (SELECT quip, RAND() as r FROM quips) HAVING r=MIN(r) LIMIT 1
*** Bug 200964 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Please also see bug 200964 comment 0 for another possible way to fix this. 
Michael: do you know what version of MySQL first supported Benchmark()?  I
hadn't seen it before, want to make sure it's not something new in MySQL 4 first.
This fix came from a mysql developer.  It works in 3.23.54 and it's described in
the "Core MySQL" book (Prentis Hall 2002) .  I would imagine that is MySQL
specific, but so is the bug!
see the usenet post...

With this version of MySQL (3.23.54) on RH8 and RH9, I get the same quip 100% of
the time !!
'Eww' I really don't think we want to benchmark it.

We could order by rand()*rand(), I guess. Can't we set the rand seed somehow?
The mySQL problem extends to the seed.

You could do the following...

    SendSQL("SELECT COUNT( quipid ) from quips");
    my $quip_id = FetchSQLData();
       $quip_id = sprintf( "%d", rand( $quip_id ) );
    SendSQL("SELECT quip FROM quips where quipid = " . $quip_id );

The only problem might be if a quip is deleted, and rand gives that quip_id.
Maybe there is a way to get the nth non null element in mySQL.
Well, we could lock the quips table for read, I guess. We don't have any other
locks for buglist.cgi (which is an issue in and of itself), so we can unlock it
again immediately afterwards.

Or we could file a mysql bug report asking them to call srand at startup.
Strangely enough, when i went in to the MySQL command line and ran the query 
that we are running here to get the quip i am getting results that appear to 
be random.
That's because you're still on the same DB connection.  Bugzilla is
breaking/recreating the connection between each access.
I found that doing this worked. (Saw it on the MySQL site manual for RAND()

Now its random for me
FWIW, here's a patch that implements caseyg's suggestion.  Here's a reference
on MySQL RAND():

One user suggests using reverse for about a 2x speed-up over MD5.  He quotes 9
seconds for MD5 on 10000 rows and 5 for REVERSE, obviously sacrificing some
randomness.  That said, the MD5 works well for me and isn't noticable on my
list of ~50 quips.
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Comment on attachment 130428 [details] [diff] [review]
patch to use MD5 to really randomize

We don't really need cryptographical randomness, and this will mean iterating
through all of the entries.

Given that COUNT is cheap for myisam tables, can't we select COUNT(*) from
quips, and then use perl's rand function via limit + offset? (and possibly
ORDER BY quip too)
Attached patch Patch w/ 2 SELECTS & perl random (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Bradley, do you mean something like this?

Just to clarify, the MD5 version doesn't do MD5(quip) it does MD5 on the random
value, which should smaller/faster.

Still, the whole ORDER BY RAND() method seems like a bad strategy altogether:
>as explain shows, mysql optimizes this VERY badly (or may be better said,
>doens't optimize it at all): it uses an temporary table and an extra filesort.

So maybe two calls to mysql isn't more expensive, I just wanted to point out
that if this bug is just 'fix the randomness' md5 isn't too bad, but 'fix the
randomness and fix performance' is good too.

Also note this doesn't appear to be portable.  Postgres seems to need something

+    SendSQL("SELECT quip FROM quips LIMIT 1 OFFSET $random");

Does anybody knows of a SQL standard way to express this?

Anyway, I tested this on my system, and it seems to work OK.  It gets both ends
of the list, so there probably aren't any fencepost errors.
Comment on attachment 130971 [details] [diff] [review]
Patch w/ 2 SELECTS & perl random

mysql supports what it calls 'postgresql compatible' OFFSET from 4.0.6,
although I thought that that syntax was ansi.

Doesn't matter for now, though.
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-> patch author

Do you need someone to check this in for you?
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>Do you need someone to check this in for you?

Yes, please.  Check to make sure I did the patch correctly first (I'm new at
this gig).

yeah, the code review's already done, in theory, that's what the review+ on the
patch is for :)

Except it won't apply, so the reviewer apparently never attempted to apply it.
Looks like we're missing the code to deal with moderated quips here.  Was this
patch against 2.16.3?

The patch was generated correctly (other than being against outdated code) so
you're doing okay :)
Flags: approval+
Comment on attachment 130971 [details] [diff] [review]
Patch w/ 2 SELECTS & perl random

r- per previous comment.
Attachment #130971 - Flags: review-
Attached patch Patch for CVS version (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Previous patch:
+    my $random = int(rand($count+1));

This patch:
+    my $random = int(rand($count));

Reason: We want to have values between 0 and count-1 as offset for
  LIMIT $offset,1

(I did some minimal MySQL tests, but not very thoroughly.)
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>We want to have values between 0 and count-1 as offset for LIMIT $offset,1

Yes, I have to agree after re-reading the docs on the mysql website.

The strange bit is when I wrote the patch I had read somewhere that the initial
row was 1, not 0, but I can't find that reference now.  Even stranger is, not
really believing it, I reloaded a bug list until it showed me every quip on my
list, to make sure there wasn't a fencepost error. Is there a chance this
changed in a later version of MySQL?  I'm going to change my version to not add
the +1 and see if I can get every quip.

My patch was against 2.17.3 - I see I missed a release - sorry about that.
I was able to get every quip from my quip list using the non- +1 version, so it
must be right.

I must have been smokin' crack.
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Comment on attachment 131507 [details] [diff] [review]
Patch for CVS version

This is OK, if you add a comment that COUNT() is quick because its cached for
mysql, and that we may want to revisit this when we support other databases.
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Summary: Buzilla quips are not random → Bugzilla quips are not random
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Patch for CVS version

bbaetz's review comments were nits, but since the person creating the patch
doesn't have checkin privs, I'd like a patch that deals with bbaetz's nits
first so the person doing the checkin doesn't have to try to figure them out or
potentially forget them.
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Attachment #131507 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Feel free to r+ my patch as well if you thikn bbaetz's r+ is no longer valid. 
(I only added bbaetz's comments to the previous patch)
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