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Bug ID wordwraps in change-several-bugs page if window is narrow


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The checkbox and the Bug ID appear to be in the same table cell in the
change-several screen, which causes the Bug ID to wrap onto a second line if
your window is narrow, which basically makes the screen look funny.  The
checkbox probably ought to be in a separate table cell by itself so the bug ID
doesn't wrap.
Or you could use the <nobr> stuff (or whitespace: <something>; in css)
OK, the nowrap stuff doesn't work all the time if the window is really narrow...
 for some reason the end boundary of an <input> is considered whitespace even if
there isn't any whitespace there.  Dunno if it's a bug in Moz, but it's enough
reason to make it a cell instead.  Had to fix this for Zippy, patch coming up.
Assignee: endico → justdave
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>+      [% IF dotweak %]
>+      <th colspan="[% splitheader ? 3 : 2 %]" align="center">

Looks good, except for the align="center", which doesn't actually align the ID
header to the data in its column.  Have you tried a blank TH tag on top of the
checkbox column instead of adding extra colspan to the ID header?
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That's a good idea.  done.
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Patch v2

Looks good, works. r=myk
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Checking in template/en/default/list/table.html.tmpl;
<--  table.html.tmpl
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