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[FEATURE]Cannot delete mail folders


(SeaMonkey :: MailNews: Message Display, defect, P3)



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(Reporter: rzach, Assigned: scottputterman)


On 1999112508 Linux build

Edit|Delete Folder seems to do nothing.

1. Select a mail folder
2. Select Edit|Delete Folder

Expected outcome: folder deleted, name disappears from folder pane
Actual outcome: nothing
QA Contact: lchiang → huang
I think this is disabled intentionally for now because it is currently too easy
to accidentally delete a folder.
Then there should be a . before the menu option to indicate that it's disabled.
ScottP, is the "Delete Folder" ready for implementing?
Is a . before the menu option to indicate that it's disabled?
Assignee: phil → putterman
Delete folder isn't ready for usage hence the fact that it does nothing.
Summary: Cannot delete mail folders → [FEATURE]Cannot delete mail folders
If it is not ready for implementing, I am adding [FEATURE] for this bug.
And would you please put the Target Milestone for it? ( I don't whether you can
decide it or not?). So I will know when it will be ready for verify. Thanks.
Closed: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Target Milestone: M14
Ok, I should have stopped this with my last comment.  You can delete mail
folders but there's no warning that the folder will really be deleted.  that is
why it doesn't work.  We broke it on purpose because we were worried people
would delete folders without realizing it.  currently there's no way to get a
deleted folder back.  It doesn't go to the trash and there's no warning.  So,
I'm marking this bug as WONT FIX and redirect you to 14019 which is the bug for
that fact that we need a warning.
Thanks for the info.
The bug#14019 described the warning for deleting folders.

But, there was a question:
Is a . before the menu option to indicate that it's disabled?
Yes, that's why I marked it wont fix.  I may add it in, but I may fix the
feature before I get around to it
OK. Thanks for the updating.
OK. Based on bug#14019 - "Need warning before deleting a mail folder"
Marking this bug as verified.
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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