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16 years ago
Been seeing this bug for quite a few versions now over on FreeBSD.  Style sheets
that refer to a font size in points, rather than pixels, renders extremely
small.  Pages using pixels as the unit of measurement appear as expected.

I am seeing this problem only on FreeBSD at this point.  The latest nightly for
Windows does not have this problem.

This may be related to a larger font problem here with Mozilla in general.  In
order to get most pages up to being viewable at all I have to configure for a
60dpi setting.

Comment 1

16 years ago
Created attachment 121385 [details]
Font rendering example

A screen shot comparing Mozilla's rendering of the page in question to
Konqueror.  Also showing the font preferences dialog.
Are you using a multi-monitor setup?

What dpi does your X server claim to be running at?

Comment 3

16 years ago
That web URL is moronically using the print media method of specifying font
sizes, points, which is wholly inappropriate for web pages. The size of points
varies according to DPI. The lower the DPI, the smaller the pixel value of a point.

Reporter, you have the DPI setting backwards. At 72 DPI, 10pt=10px. At 144 DPI,
10pt=20px. At your 60 DPI, the 8pt text in the product index at left is less
than 8px. 9px is the minimum intelligible text size, so your minimum size
setting in prefs is useless.

In Win, DPI is set in the Win Control Panel. Any change you make to DPI in
Mozilla for Win prefs is ignored.

For convenience in FreeBSD, I suggest you use user.js to control DPI thus:
     user_pref("browser.display.screen_resolution", 144);
using whatever DPI value suits you. 144 works best around 1280-1600 wide.

BZ, this looks invalid to me.

Comment 4

16 years ago
Created attachment 121429 [details]
1024x768 screenshot at 144 DPI (KDE 3)
A resoltion of 60dpi implies that your 1400x1050 display has a diagonal viewing
area of about 30", which is rather big -- that's roughly a 32" monitor! :-)
Last Resolved: 16 years ago
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Comment 6

16 years ago
Just an FYI, this bug was invalid.  I never did have X's dpi right, but it was only recently 
that it had an impact on Mozilla.  Everything else looked okay, so I could only assume the 
one odd man out was the problem. 
To answer a few questions here, my real dpi on this laptop is about 124.  The funny part 
here is now that I have X reporting the correct dpi, that page now has the font size too big!  
This is a single monitor running 1400x1050. 
The idiot webmaster here is me.  That's a page that I wrote, to include the style sheets.  I 
have a new version of it existing off line, still in work here, that's fully XHTML-Trans 
compliant with a corrected style sheet using px instead of pt.  This seems to resolve all 
rendering glitchies for Mozilla anyway. 
Sorry for the bogus bug.  I normally investigate things a bit deeper before posting.  Darn it, 
it's getting hard to find bugs in Moz lately! :) 
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