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16 years ago
Devanagari (and other Indic scripts) are rather like Latin and Cyrillic. They
can be used to write multiple languages. Therefore, both in the UI and in our
internal references, we'd better use 'Devanagari'/x-devanagari (a la 'x-western'
and 'x-cyrillic') instead of 'Hindi / hi-IN'.

I raised this issue in bug 204586 and today found that Aloc Kuma also mentioned
about it Mozilla I18N
and my response to him (news://$

> Why would you need fonts for Hindi separately?

  Because Unicode is not just for Devanagari and there's a need to let users
specify fonts for different scripts separately even though all of them are in

> (I guess it's something on the lines of IE's script/font mapping - in
> that case it should be fonts for devanagari rather than fonts for
> hindi)

  I agree with you and that's why I'm filing this bug.

Related to this bug are bug 204586 and bug 206123.

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16 years ago
Created attachment 123628 [details] [diff] [review]

This is a simple patch (mostly in xul and *properties file). Changes in the
actual code are just changes in labels (in nsFontMetrics(Xlib|GTK). In
nsFontMetricsXft, I added an entry to the mapping table between Mozilla's
langGroup and fontconfig's lang. In that case, I followed what's done for
x-western, x-baltic and x-cyrillic. That is, I just picked one representative
language for the script (Hindi).

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16 years ago
Xft change will fix the following symptom observed by Aloc Kuma in his posting

> And, there are "no fonts available" for Hindi.

Summary: change 'Hindi' with to 'Devanagari' → change 'Hindi' with to 'Devanagari'

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16 years ago
Comment on attachment 123628 [details] [diff] [review]

This is just a simple change in labelling (more in line with the expectation of
Devanagari script users and Hindi speakers). Let's fix this quickly.
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16 years ago

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16 years ago
The patch looks simple enough.
However, I am not sure if it's a good idea to remove 'Hindi'.

simon/prabhat: can one of you comment on it?
jshin: Dont' get me wrong. I really appreciate your contributions.
       However, in this case, I am seeking for an opinion from respective gurus.
Comment on attachment 123628 [details] [diff] [review]

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I'm certainly not a "guru," but to the best of my knowledge the bottom line is
that since "Devanagari" is the name of the script, and "Hindi" is the name of
only one of several languages that are written in that script, "Devanagari" is
acceptable and meaningful to everybody, including Hindi speakers, but it is less
acceptable, and probably even annoying, for e.g. Marathi speakers to specify
that they want fonts for "Hindi".

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16 years ago
Thanks blizzard for sr.
Thanks, Simon, for your good explanation. That's exactly what I had in mind. 
BTW, I have an patch (bug 204586 [1])to add _lang_ (not langGroup) 'hi' (along
with some other 'lang's ) to file.

[1] In the patch uploaded there, 'hi' may not be present because I dropped it
while shuffling a few patches  affecting that file. 

P.S. Roy, I didn't get you wrong by any means :-). Don't worry a bit. 

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16 years ago
Simon has elaborated it quite well.
The other option would be to have
Fonts for Hindi
Fonts for Marathi
Fonts for Sanskrit
Fonts for Nepali
Fonts for Konkani
Fonts for Sindhi
Fonts for <some other language that I don't know about which is written in
devanagari script>
All of them pointing to devanagari.
It's a bit like asking French or Italian or Spanish or Indonesian or Malay users
to choose fonts for English rather than fonts for Latin/Roman script. Most
people would know that fonts for English would work for Malay as well, but it
does seem a bit awkward.

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16 years ago
Comment on attachment 123628 [details] [diff] [review]

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16 years ago
Comment on attachment 123628 [details] [diff] [review]

Thank you r/sr. Now asking for a1.4

There's very little code change here so that the risk is near nill. Most
changes are in properties file. This change is to reflect the reality that
Devanagari (the script) is used for multiple languages of India of which Hindi
is only one (albeit a widely used one). Making this change available in 1.4 is
to please Devanagari users who don't speak Hindi without offending Hindi

The following two lines are not a part of the patch(slipped in from another
patch) and won't be committed.
+windows-874.LangGroup		    = th
+iso-8859-11.LangGroup		    = th
Attachment #123628 - Flags: approval1.4?
Comment on attachment 123628 [details] [diff] [review]

a=mkaply for checkin to 1.4

Please make a note in the checkin comment that this is a change to a DTD
(localized file)
Attachment #123628 - Flags: approval1.4? → approval1.4+

Comment 12

16 years ago
r=bobj for UI change and L10N impact

Comment 13

16 years ago
checked in the fix. Thanks all.
Last Resolved: 16 years ago
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