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Monkeypox might not be the best name for linux PPC in the tinderbox anymore


(Webtools Graveyard :: Tinderbox, defect)

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Monkeypox was a fine name, untill people started getting sick from it
Should a new name be chosen?

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Too much work, if you ask me.  (It requires getting IC to reassign the hostname
and then reconfiguring the machine itself, which might require physical access
to the machine.)

I don't think that's worth the time.  Anyone at Netscape who's actually willing
to do the work can feel free to reopen.
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Naming machines is a hard problem.  We've gone through some
different phases, Star Trek, the names of trees, names of comics,
far-away cities, vacation spots, names that suggest doom,
ironic names, etc.  One of those was deadly viruses; we had
ebola, monkeypox, and a few others.  I think only monkeypox
has migrated over to a public tinderbox.

I don't really think we're offending anyone, it's still a little-known
virus and is also close to "SeaMonkey" so it kinda fits some of
the naming that has gone on for  Certainly names like "aids"
or "sars" would not be good choices.

If you can get one or two other people to agree we should change
the name, I'll do the work to change it.  It's probably a
5-min call to the help desk and a ~15min task of finding the machine
and changing the right files.  Reopen and assign to me if you
find some other people that want this done.
I understand, the problems with names, :)

I won't go actively campaign to find offended people, because that would
probably offend for people, but if anyone else wants to throw there 2 cents
Product: Webtools → Webtools Graveyard
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