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Bugzilla should display similar bugs for newbies when they're filling bug


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I was testing new functionality coming with PHP 5.0 and found a bug.
I checked for similar problems but (sic!) didn't find any.

(The reason was because i looked for all bugs related to "print_r" problem no
matter of version etc. I recived 309 bugs and checked only 60 first.)

So i decided to fill a bug. After filling it, i clicked "submit bug", but
instead of sending it, displayed a list of possible matching
problems with description,status and question if i'm sure it's not any of
following. If not, i can click "submit" once more, to really submit it into
database. Of course the bug was there and I did not send one more dupe.

I think that similar system in bugzilla would be very, very, very effective and
would meaningly reduce number of dupes.
This may or may not be a dupe of bug 145588. The answer depends on how works, and whether it works better than the solution being
developed in bug 145588.
I think that it's not a dupe. As states in bug 145588 Comment #0 target is to
use FullText in Query page.

My point is to add one more page between 'add bug' form, and submiting. This one
would display possible ready bugs and asking "Isn't it one of this?".
It would greatly reduce number of dupes (i hope). Even if somebody wont check
for dupes, Bugzilla will show possible similar bugs and simply "force" user to
think if it's not a dupe.
Depends on: 145588
Depends on: 298471
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Assignee: myk → create-and-change
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 22353
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