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resizing when the window does




DOM: CSS Object Model
15 years ago
12 years ago


(Reporter: Daniel, Unassigned)


Windows XP

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15 years ago
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A function call is being effected by the onresize event.  That function is
calling the 'layout', which is executing.  Within our 'layout' function, I'm
finding myself unable to affect the DOM style.  I am able to access the
attributes of the elements I'm playing with.  I can get it's id through the same
arguments, read its offset's and even write it's html attributes.  However I
cannot write to it's stylesheet rules.

The sourcecode for the function is:

var cX = innerWidth; var cY = innerHeight;
function layout(){
	var a=arguments;
	with( document.getElementById(a[0]) ){
		style.left	=cX*parseInt(a[1])+'px';
		style.top	=cY*parseInt(a[2])+'px';
		style.width	=cX*parseInt(a[3])+'px';
		style.height	=cY*parseInt(a[4])+'px';
		style.fontSize	=cX*parseInt(a[5])+'pt'; }}

The first time this function executes on any object it is working.  However, the
second time I execute it on an object (during the onresize event) it fails to
change the style attribute.  I have tested the cX and cY variables and the
statements on the right are passing '###px' to the attributes.  

I'm very concerned, because it seems like such an odd bug.  It's just weird.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.copy the above function and variable declarations
2.create an html element with an id of 'element_id'
3.call the function with "window.onresize=layout('element_id',100,100,100,100); "

Actual Results:  
Doesn't access that attribute, it just ignores it.
There are no errors, but nothing is completed.

Expected Results:  
It should allow access to the DOM stylesheet?

Hmmm... I'm using XP, Moz 1.4 on a dual boot.
Can you provide a URI to a testcase?

Comment 2

14 years ago
After further thought into the potential causes of the bug, I've decided to run
a few tests.

The cause may be a static sampling of innerWidth and innerHeight...

Well, I'll report back.
Summary: doesn't allow changes to style object after onresize → resizing when the window does
Whiteboard: finding the bug

Comment 3

14 years ago
The bug results due to the fact that innerWidth does not automatically update
when the window resizes.  Although the function was operational, and it was
assigning the values to style, it was assigning the same value.  

After some more testing the problem was found to be resolveable by calling
innerWidth again.

Storing a pointer to innerWidth in a variable and referencing that variable does
not seem to re-call the method, so perhaps it may be made easier for web
developers if the innerWidth feature were updated when the window resizes.
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