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make mozilla build with mingw gcc on win98 (windres no resources error)


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Windows 98
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Trying to build mozilla with mingw gcc on win98, I consistently rand into the
problem of windres giving a "no resources" error:

Creating Resource file: module.res
sh /cygdrive/e/building/home/mozilla/build/cygwin-wrapper windres -O coff
-DEXPORT_XPTC_API -DEXPORT_XPTI_API --include-dir .. --include-dir
e:/building/home/mozilla/xpcom/build/../glue --include-dir
e:/building/home/mozilla/xpcom/build/../base --include-dir
e:/building/home/mozilla/xpcom/build/../ds --include-dir
e:/building/home/mozilla/xpcom/build/../io --include-dir
e:/building/home/mozilla/xpcom/build/../components --include-dir
e:/building/home/mozilla/xpcom/build/../threads --include-dir
e:/building/home/mozilla/xpcom/build/../threads/_xpidlgen --include-dir
e:/building/home/mozilla/xpcom/build/../proxy/src --include-dir
../../dist/include/string --include-dir ../../dist/include/xpcom --include-dir
../../dist/include --include-dir ../../dist/include/nspr -o module.res module.rc
Bad command or file name
e:\BUILDING\MINGW\BIN\windres.exe: no resources
make[4]: *** [module.res] Error 1

According to
and followup, the error is windows' and the fix would be to use --use-temp-file
with windres. Adding this to  "RCFLAGS = -O coff"  in config/ seems
to fix. 
A proper patch will follow shortly.
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So after futilly trying to diff against for a bit, I figured out
that it's created during the build process. Both configure and
seem to define the flags for windres, so I've edited them both. is now indeed created with --use-temp-file, so that seems to work
okay, but I have basically no idea what I'm doing here, so don't hit me too
hard if this isn't the right way or if I should've edited only one of the two
files. :)

I haven't yet succeeded in completing a build. But with this change at least
that windres error is being avoided.
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FWIW, I just ran into this problem on Win2000 when generating nspr.res.  I
haven't pinpointed the cause.  It only seemed to happen when building over a ssh
connection.  When I built from a local command window, then it worked fine.

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nspr & ldap too

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probable patch

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coreconf as well


I've checked in this patch on the NSS trunk (NSS 3.9),
NSS_3_8_BRANCH (NSS 3.8.2), and NSS_CLIENT_TAG (Mozilla
1.6 alpha).
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The patches have all been checked in: 
mozilla trunk
nspr trunk
ldap trunk
ldap ldapcsdk_50_client_branch
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Target Milestone: --- → mozilla1.6alpha
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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