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Location should appear in alarm dialog


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Whe the alarm shows up, it give the time of the meeting or event, but it dosn't
show the location. In orter to view, you have to open the event. I think it
would be better to show the location in the dialog (or at least, allow it to be

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Enter an event with a location
2. Enable alarm
3. When alarm appears, location isn't mentioned
I would like to "Second" the request for this feature. But I would like to add
support for also sending the location via email. Currently if you send an email
as an alarm then the location isn't included in the message.
Ditto on the whole thing.  This is the reason I switched back to outlook for my
calendar.  A pop-up alarm or e-mail that does not tell me the conference room
for a meeting or the phone number for the teleconference is completely useless.
Sorry for the bugspam, can we get this added to the alarm requirements list and
the associated tracker bug please?
Component: Calendar General → Calendar Front End
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OS: Linux → All
Blocks: cal-alarms
If people (like me) include the location in the "note", having an extra line
taken up for the "location" would waste valuable space in the alarm notification

I therefore suggest that fields that *can* appear in the alarm notification
window should only appear *if* they are not blank.

BTW: The title & note texts currently appear too far to the right in the alarm
notification window. There is a whole area in the center that is unused, and
should be used to increase the amount of possible text. I'll attach a screenshot
(I know this should be another bug, but i don't have time to file one right now,
and i hope it can be easily fixed by someone here.)
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QA Contact: gurganbl → sunbird
Assignee: mostafah → robin.edrenius
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Adds Location to the alarm-dialog

This will have to wait. Anything that is not a regression fix or fixing a major blocker will have to wait until after 0.3a1.
Made a change that was suggested by mvl per IRC.
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Attachment #200511 - Flags: first-review?(mvl)
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Can you provide a screenshot of the alarm dialog with the location filled in? We don't want to make the dialog too cluttered.
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remove un-necessary variable.

I tried it, and it doesn't look to bad.
(Although I do think that the dialog wants a redesign)

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patch checked in
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