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I just installed Yet Another Bugzilla instance. Every time I forget something or
other, and this time I've decided to write a Quickstart document that can be
tipped off from the README. 

No, it's not a docs/ substitute, but for server packages us sysadmins are all
very used to reading text files, and I think for 50% of our user base, it will
be enough.
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: PC → All
(since this sounded like documentation stuff I've set the hardware/OS to all but
if you created a Linux-specific guide please change back - sorry for that ;-) )
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Well, it's more or less Unix-specific, but sure.
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or Jake, if you're available.
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That XXX down there should be -- or a link to
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>1. Decide from which directory and URL 

...under your webserver root...

>   If you want to change platforms, operating systems, severities and
>   priorities, localconfig is the place to do it too.

or "this is also done in localconfig at this time."

>5. Create a MySQL database for Bugzilla,

... called $db_name, ...

>   and add a user 

...called $db_user which has read/write permissions for that database.

>7. Configure your webserver to point to the Bugzilla directory. You will
>   need to have a CGI-capable webserver (apache with mod_cgi enabled
>   works fine) configured, and CGI permissions set up correctly for the
>   directory in question. You should also AllowOverride Limit for the
>   Bugzilla directory to allow the default .htaccess to be used.
>   For Apache, this means enabling mod_cgi, adding ExecCGI to Options,
>   and setting AllowOverride Limit for the relevant directory. You will
>   also need to `AddHandler cgi-script .cgi' if you don't have a line
>   like that in your Apache configuration file yet.

It's easier, I'd say, to provide a sample stanza - that's only about six lines
long, and clearer.

>   See section 4.2 of the Bugzilla guide for a in-depth description of
>   some of the configuration parameters available in bugzilla.

_B_ugzilla. And probably _G_uide too.

>If anything unexpected comes up, read the error message carefully,
>backtrack the steps above, and check the official installation guide,
>which is section 4 in the Bugzilla guide, included in the docs/
>directory in various formats.

Better as a bulleted list?

>Support and installation questions should be directed to

news:// . Better to give this
than the email link, as we currently have a posting whitelist.

r=gerv if you change those things, otherwise let's discuss it.

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>>Support and installation questions should be directed to
> news:// . Better to give
> than the email link, as we currently have a posting whitelist.

I think providing a news: link is a bad idea, since not many people have access
to (or familiarity with) usenet anymore -- I don't, for instance. Can I use instead?

Apart from that, everything's accepted, so I'm attaching another version. I've
cleaned it up somewhat, too, so I think a second reading is deserved.
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The FB file picker moves when I click on it, this is so aggravating. This is
the right file.
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kiko_v2: merge Gerv's comments, fixup text slightly.

r=gerv. Two nits:

> This will be used as the Bugzilla administrator's login account.

...the initial Bugzilla administrator's...

Otherwise, it implies that there's only a single "administrator account".

Secondly, could you make the header at the top look a little more header-y?
Centered, "underlined" that sort of thing. (This one's optional.)

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Incorporated comments, waiting for an r/a from justdave now.
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Checked in.

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