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14 years ago
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14 years ago

Flash animation appears in front of DHTML menu.  The menu should appear over the
flash animation.

I've seen this several times recently.  If it's just bad coding, it's pretty
prevalent.  I don't see this behavior in IE 6/Win.

I've seen this on the Mac and Windows.  Don't see a bug for this.
It's bad coding.  The page has an <object> with an ActiveX classid (IE-only) and
nested inside of this it has an <embed>.  Since ActiveX is a proprietary IE
technology, we ignore the ActiveX objectm, and use the <embed>.

Now the page sets wmode on the <object>, but not the <embed>, and wmode is what
tells the Flash plugin to allow painting things on top of it.

And yes, you're correct that this sort of bad coding is very prevalent.
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14 years ago
If were going to keep this as evangelism, it can be closed, I'll get in touch
with the webmaster.  We've been in the same forums before... will fire off a PM
momentarally Didn't know about wmode (learn something every day).  

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14 years ago
I'm in touch with the webmaster.
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14 years ago
Why did I bother assigning to myself.


It's been Fixed.
Last Resolved: 14 years ago
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12 years ago

There are sites where the flash objects overlaps menus, but only when running FX on Linux. When running it (same version, 1.0.7) on Windows, the site works ok. If it was this bad coding problem, shouldn't the flash object overlap the menus in both cases? For example, see http://www.bovespa.com.br. The flash chart overlaps the upper menus, but only when running FX on Linux. Why is that? I tested with CentOS 4.2, FC4 and Windows 2000.
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