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<xmlparse.c>: Fix 'Control reaches end of non-void function' from 'Blamed Build Warnings; Linux brad Clobber'; and code cleanup.


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The ("bogus") warning is:

{ tao
1.	expat/xmlparse/xmlparse.c:2106 (See build log excerpt)
	Control reaches end of non-void function

2104   }
2105   /* not reached */
2106 }
2108 #endif /* XML_DTD */

The code is right, but the compiler does not track the preceding |abort()|.
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla1.7alpha
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(Av1) warning fix, and code cleanup

I have no compiler: Could you compile/test/review it ? Thanks.

Note: from <>,
'', '' and '' are
obsolete :-(
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Note that xmlparse.c is part of a separate library (expat) which is not
developed by and that we try to minimize the changes we make to
expat (so upgrading to a new version is as painless as possible)...
Would there be a mean to get it fixed at the source ?
Who should I contact ?
There's information on Expat at  I don't know
which version Mozilla uses, but current development is run out of the
Sourceforge site. YOu could review the bug list there, and submit an Expat bug
report -- 
Peterv might know more about this.
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(Av1) warning fix, and code cleanup

Please re-request reviews if we do want this fixed in the Mozilla expat code.
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I'll just WONTFIX this.
Bug 192139 will update our Expat to a later version and we want to keep the
changes between our version and the official version to a minimum to avoid merge
problems when upgrading. If you want to fix this, download the latest Expat and
provide a patch to the Expat people.
You should compile and test your patches *before* asking for review.
The owners page is often incorrect and we'll try to get it corrected, but
looking for the right address is quite simple: just fill in part of the name and
Bugzilla will give you possible matches. Peter would have given you as one of the matches and Sicking would have given you
Closed: 16 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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