problems with special updates in picking the right bookmarks file



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19 years ago
At present we do some special updates as we migrate to make sure things works
fine when the 5.0 browser comes up. Bug 14908 might require some alterations to
the update process to make sure right file gets used when the 5.0 browser comes

Bug 14908 wants to copy the 5.0 default files that are supposed to go into each
profile before the migration process takes place. Doing that locally on my tree
ran me into the following problem. 5.0 copies the default bookmarks file
'bookmarks.html' into the profile location. Now the migration process takes over
and copies bunch of files. So, as a part of special updates, it tries to rename
the 4.x bookmarks file i.e., 'bookmark.htm' to 'bookmarks.html'. The operation
fails as there exists a file 'bookmarks.html' already. As our intention is to
make the 4.x info to prevail when migration happens, I am wondering whether we
need to delete the default 5.x bookmarks file so that rename does not fail.

Adding Seth to cc list.


19 years ago
Blocks: 14908

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19 years ago
making 14908 dependent on this.

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19 years ago
Adding Steve to the cc list.

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19 years ago
I'm still not completely clear on this.  If we are migrating a profile, why are
we even copying the 5.0 default bookmarks.html to the migrated profile's
directory in the first place?  Shouldn't we just remove that step?

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19 years ago
I'm not sure why this bug even exists.  We should figure out a mechanism that
doesn't create this conflict.  One possibility is to have a separate source for
files that go into a migrated profile vs those that go into a new profile.
However that works, the discussion should happen in bug 14908 rather than here.

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19 years ago
We can have the way steve suggested too. For that we need to have another folder
under defaults (right now there are two folders viz., pref and profile) or
defaults/profile with files that need to go into the migrated profiles. Right
now there are only 2 files under profile, of which only one might need to go
into the new folder we are talking about.

But I'm wondering over the course of time if there are going to more files, we
might have same files sitting in 2 diffrent folders. That might contribute to
the size of the app.


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19 years ago
Per discussion with I'm marking this invalid.


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