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Landfill URLs should have a landfillbase entity


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Not set



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All of the usage examples in the docs tell the user to try things on Landfill. 
Every lesson in the user guide section gives a link to the relevant page in
Bugzilla on Landfill.

Obvious example of the problem:
In the 2.16 version of the docs, all the links point at landfill/bugzilla-tip.

The links in the 2.16 version of the docs should point at (or 2.16.5 once that version is
out, etc).

Since this is likely to change as versions of the docs change, this should be an
entity in the definitions section which can easily be changed.
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This adds a &landfillbase; entity and uses it.
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Erm, oops. Will try that again.
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Sounds good. We do plan to set up a dedicated Bugzilla for demos on landfill,

(In reply to comment #4)
> Sounds good. We do plan to set up a dedicated Bugzilla for demos on landfill,
> however.

Yes, and when the time comes, having this in place will make it really easy to
change those URLs to point at it.

And each version of the docs is going to have a different demo URL, and we plan
to have 3 different branches in active support at any given time under the new
release plan.
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OK, I want someone who knows docbook really good to have a look at this ;)

I seem to remember someone mentioning on IRC that we shouldn't be using
entities at all but there was some other new trick to use (but maybe I'm
remembering the wrong thing).
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Patch looks good, those are all valid AFAICT, without downloading and really

The method other than entities that is available is to use XInclude.  That's
sure to break OpenJade.  It should work just fine with xsltproc and such tools,
when things get moved over to those.
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Preliminarily moving all docs bugs to 2.18, we should make a valiant attempt to
have the docs as up-to-date as possible when 2.18 releases.
Target Milestone: --- → Bugzilla 2.18
Assignee: documentation → bmo
Target Milestone: Bugzilla 2.18 → Bugzilla 2.16
Checked in on both branches (landfillbase points at the 2.16.5 demo on the 2.16
branch).  Thanks, Colin!
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Removing r? from FIXED bug.
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