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Remove deprecated ConnectToDatabase() and quietly_check_login()/confirm_login() calls


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Bugzilla 2.18


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Need to remove calls to ConnectToDatabase() because it's deprecated and actually
does nothing. Database connection is established automatically in

Uses of quietly_check_login() and confirm_login() will be changed to use
Bugzilla->login directly.

I think this is better to do in one big patch than to gradually change call when
individual scripts are touched. This way we get rid of old code that just
confuses things once and for all. Besides, this is simple enough change to get
used hacking Bugzilla..
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This patch removes redundant login in attachment.cgi and so should fix bug
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Target Milestone: --- → Bugzilla 2.18
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Changes, v1

Since bbaetz wrote the Auth code, he's the best person to look at this
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Changes, v1

You can leave out LOGIN_NORMAL; its teh default. I didn't do that in the compat
code because of the ?: - it was clearer when mentioned explicitly.

You don't need |use Bugzilla::Constants| in all cases then, either
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Revised changes, v2

>Index: enter_bug.cgi
>-confirm_login() if (!(AnyEntryGroups()));
>+Bugzilla->login(LOGIN_REQUIRED) if (!(AnyEntryGroups()));

Nit: I would rather you had fixed this to use unless, but it's not a blocker; I
can do that before checking in if you like.

r=kiko after a 15-minute read.
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Dave, this touches a lot of files, though it's fairly trivial. I've had a good
look over it and there's nothing dangerous that I've found. Requesting approval
so we can have it in sooner than later.
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I want to wait for bbaetz's review.
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Blocks: 149167
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Revised changes, v2

This looks fine.
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Unrotted this -- minor rejects that were easily fixed. This is what is going to
be checked in.
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Checked in -- thanks to Teemu for this great cleanup.
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