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cookie/image manager menu in Tools can't work


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(Reporter: iamawalrus, Assigned: mconnor)


(Keywords: regression)


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1. open a url in the browser
2. open the javascript console
3. click Tools->Image Manager-><Item that has not been checked>
an error in the javascript consle as:
Error: permissionmanager has no properties
Source File: chrome://cookie/content/cookieNavigatorOverlay.xul
Line: 132
The message box of "permission changed" does not prompt out and the url has not
been added to the manager site lists.

mozilla1.7a does not have the problem. I found it in the lastest trunk which is
due to the onpopupshowing of the menupouup in cookieNavigatorOverlay.xul being
not triggered.
tested this before I left for work, same thing on yesterday's Win32 trunk build.

-> me, should have a fix up tonight once I figure out what happened
Assignee: darin → mconnor
Keywords: regression
OS: other → All
Hardware: Other → All
the checkin for bug 142961 broke this by adding a second onpopupshowing to

Neil, I remember you complaining about this being a Bad Thing(tm) in a patch for
cookieNavigatorOverlay.xul, yet you let someone add another one?  Maybe we
should move the onpopupshowing="CheckForVisibility()" onto the submenu menupopup
elements to prevent this from happening?  The only concern is that this means
this will get called a fair number of times more, but how much will it affect
real-world perf?
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proposed fix

this will result in a call to initWalletMenuItems() each time the submenu is
shown, but I don't think this is anywhere close to affecting real-world
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proposed fix

This is exactly what should have gone in, sorry for not picking up on this in
the previous patch :-[
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proposed fix

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checked in 02/29/2004 09:48
Closed: 20 years ago
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