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Midas - it is difficult to get the focus to go to the element with designMode="on"


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Using the straight demo at create a
table. Now, straight away create another one. This will result in a Java Script
exception because the editable IFRAME did not have the focus when the second
table was created. Adding document.getElementById('edit').contentWindow.focus();
makes no difference. However, removing focus completely from either the browser
tab or the entire browser and then going back to the editor page results in the
cursor flashing where it should. 

The first time the page is visited, and each time it is refreshed, it is
possible to start typing in to the editable field even though no cursor is
showing, so it at this point it does have the input focus but not after table

Reproducible: Always
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Summary: Editor: Midas - it is difficult to get the focus to go to the element with designMode="on" → Midas - it is difficult to get the focus to go to the element with designMode="on"
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This problem still exists  
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This problem still exists for me on firefox 3.6.3. After setting the selection manually on a designmode-on-iframe, I can't get the selection to visibly appear unless i switch I browser tabs, or call alert(), although the focus is actually there. 

It looks like the selection simply isn't being drawn. 

calling focus() on a textarea, and then on the iframe again, seems to be a workaround
[firefox 3.6.3]

The focus() and blur methods seem to be a little messed up. When u have :focus (writing something) on an editable=true element you cant remove it by calling .blur() on the element. But indeed the shadow around the element indicating that you are editing disappears. So it happens that you call blur on :focus element but the elemnt keeps catching keystrokes. (Annoying when you try to make something keynavable)

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