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full-text results should show relevance column


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It would be nice if results from the fulltext searching would display relevance
as a column.
This patch makes it possible for a user to add the relevance column to both the
"order" and the "columnlist" parameters to sort by relevance and to add
relevance to the search results, respectively.	As a side effect, it removes
the restriction that full text searches be sorted by relevance, although they
remain sorted that way by default.

As with bug 234797, there's intentionally no UI here.  This is a power user
feature and should remain that way until we can figure out the right way to
make this available to the masses (in particular, the relevance values need to
be represented intelligibly).
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patch v1: implements feature

Dave, can you peruse this patch?  Much of the changes are moving around the
code that handles the "order" parameter.  Currently it assumes a custom order
if the parameter has a dot in it, but "relevance" has no dot, so the current
code can't handle that.

My revision checks for the standard values (Bug Number, Last Changed, etc.)
first, then assumes/parses/validates a custom value.

You can check out what this does at the following URL:

(Note that the version being tested in the URL doesn't contain the LIMIT
clause, although this patch does contain that clause.)
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patch v1: implements feature

I like this.  To heck with the %::FORM access, they haven't fixed this file yet
anyway, they can change it all when they convert this one. :)
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/me sees comment 3 and wonders who exactly "they" should be
I bet you do. :)
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