popstate.dat can't handle duplicate messages (with the same UID) with respect to the deleting messages on server



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If I have 2 duplicate messages in a folder and want to delete one of them, while
keeping the other one in the mailbox AND on the server, it is not possible,
because it is marked for deletion on the server.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1.I had a folder with messages. I have keep on server enabled. And working offline.
2.My popstate.dat got corrupted so I restored it from backup.
3.It was not 100% synchronized with the folder.
4.I checked new mail - some of the messages not in the popstate.dat file got
downloaded for the second time.
5.The folder now contained duplicates of messages.
6.I anticipated Moz has this bug with popstate.dat so I backed it up now - the
new messages are marked 'k'.
7.I deleted the duplicates from the folder - they got marked 'd'.
8.I closed Moz and restored the popstate.dat - the unique messages are now in
the folder, on the server and marked 'k'. This is the case I want to achieve in
this bug report.

Actual Results:  
Messages were marked for deletion on the server, even though they still remained
in the folder (only ONE duplicate was deleted from there).

Expected Results:  
Moz should check whether there aren't any duplicates of the message to be
deleted.  It could then determine if it really should delete from the server.
But this may not be possible because the selection of 'keep on server' may not
be helpful. So it can simply ask the user.

I know this may be a hack but something like this must be implemented until the
whole problem with duplicates (as in bug 9413) is fixed cleaner.

And it shouldn't be a big headache now, beacause the other storage formats can
handle duplicates cleanly. I compacted all folders after deleting the dupes and
the correct messages remained. Mbox and .msf files can handle dupes. Just
popstate.dat is not ready.

This can lead to a dataloss (deleting messages from server) if the user is not
aware of this problem.
UIDL should be unique, I believe.
Isn't this a bug of mail server?

http://getaclue.org/yoduh/outlook.html reported very old hung problem of Outlook
family due to duplicate UIDL by (q)popper (probably qpopper 2.53).
What mail transfer agent(MTA,mail server program) is used by your mail server?

Comment 2

14 years ago
(In reply to comment #1)
> UIDL should be unique, I believe.
> Isn't this a bug of mail server?

Yeah, could you read the report again? The server was correct (at least this
time). Mozilla shouldn't have downloaded the messages twice in the first place.
But that would be much harder to do, because it then couldn't trust popstate.dat
and recreate the list of already downloaded messages at each start. I don't try
to fix this problem, even though it would be much more correct.

I accepted the fact that the messages are duplicated in the inbox and now try to
find a working way how to handle them. Actually only the case when they are
deleted but should be kept on the server.
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Comment 5

7 years ago
At leat this extension can help:

I'll see what happens with this problem in Thunderbird 7, now that bug 9413 has done something.
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Summary: popstate.dat can't handle duplicate messages (with the same UID) → popstate.dat can't handle duplicate messages (with the same UID) with respect to the deleting messages on server
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Comment 6

7 years ago
The problem still happens in TB7, reopening.
TB happily downloads messages it already has in the mbox (with same UID). If one of them is deleted from the inbox, it is deleted from the server too.
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