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want personal control panel for saying which email notifications you want


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(Reporter: ekrock, Assigned: justdave)


It would be nice if Bugzilla users could specify (via a control panel of
checkboxes) which kinds of email notifications they personally did/did not want
to receive.
Examples of possible checkbox controls: check yes or no to be notified for:
- change QA contact (as PM, I don't care that much)
- change assigned engineer (also care little about this)
- confirmed DUP (don't tell me what I already know! ;-> )
- confirmed INVALID (ditto)
- change dependency (not worth an email in my mind)
- change URL
- Summary field

Usually people *would* want to be notified of:
- new bugs on them
- reopened bugs on them
- bugs that change to be assigned to them

I recognize that checking all these settings after a bug edit on all the people
on the cc: list might create performance problems for Bugzilla.
The real problem is that this doesn't work with the current architecture of
email notifications.  At all.
This was originally talked about in general in bug #14137.  I'll leave this as
the main bug for this specific issue since that bug has become confused.

From that bug:


I put a comment on bug #37345 (BCC) about separating resolution only and normal
notification, and bug #17464 talked about settable change triggers to prevent
dependency spam.


A notification class is the combination is a bug match condition (the default
here is when you're on CC, reporter, etc.) and a change trigger condition on
those bugs.  The change triggers are what this bug talks about.

From that bug again:


Each notification class could define a set of "keywords", for want of a better
term, that appears in the subject line for the criterion of this class.  This
could allow better and easier filtering than any "body search" since it is
Bugzilla specific.


The subject line "keywords" proposal would also aid an implementation of bug
#26943, which would further reduce spam.
QA Contact: matty is the new owner of Bugzilla and Bonsai.  (For details,
see my posting in netscape.public.mozilla.webtools,
news:// .)
Assignee: terry → tara
Having just disected the email code in order to resolve the lack of "New Email 
Tech" mails to QA Contacts, I can counter Terry's comment that it won't fit in 
the current architecture.  Based on what I saw in the email code, as long as the 
user is using the New Email Tech, this should be relatively painless to 

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