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Female cut T-shirts


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As requested on list:

> Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 23:20:31 -0700
> From: Amy <>
> Subject: Shirt related inquiry
> Hi!
> I would be interested in getting a Firefox shirt, if you had them 
> available as a female cut shirt (preferably either what's typically 
> called a baby doll t shirt, or a tank top), specifically in at least a
>  XL, but 2X would be even better. I'm curious what the chances of you 
> guys offering such a shirt, either as a thank you for a donation or
> for  sale, because I don't like the way unisex shirts fit me.
> Thank you for your time.
I sent a copy of Amy's message to Steven H at MozSource and have already
received this reply:

"We are going to start expanding the product line next month.  I will try my
best to offer a baby doll shirt."
I've contacted the store again to remind them of the demand for female tops.
Message from Michael at the store:

> We plan to come out with a girlie tee soon. Don't know exactly when but
> could be in the next month or two. I have seen the design and it looks
> good.
Is there anyone I could help lean on to get this to happen?  Mike (Connor) just
got back from MoFo with two shirts and a hat for himself and nothing for me :( 
If the design isn't final I'd like to suggest putting the slogans across the
boobs - more likely they'll get read that way ;) like "[fflogo] Rediscover the
web" right across the front, and have the logo again in the back under the collar. 

Also, in the event that the design isn't final yet, I'd like to suggest that it
DEFINITELY be the baby-tee style (or the tank-tops) - the tighter, shorter style
with the lower cut neck.  I personally can't stand t-shirts that are just the
smaller version of the guys' style, IMO they're not as comfortable and they just
don't look as good.
The people to pressure on this are the Store who can be contacted here:
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