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No keyboard shortcut for closing "in the sidebar" bookmarks sidebars


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Currently, the only way to close a non-bundled sidebar (e.g.
bugzilla/Blogupdates) is via the sidebar close button. We need to implement a
keyboard shortcut for it.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
It would also help if the installed sidebars showed up in View-> Sidebar-> 
Keywords: access
This doesn't seem to be a dupe, so confirming.

If we want Firefox to be accessible to those who can't use the mouse, this is
definitely needed. I'm nominating F9 as a Close Siderbar button (don't confuse
this with Bug 184565 which suggested F9 as both Close *and Open* Sidebar button).

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Priority: P3 → P5
Work around og to view menu
Severity: normal → minor
Keywords: sec508
Assignee: aaronleventhal → nobody
Component: Keyboard Navigation → Places
QA Contact: jruderman → places
Rather than futzing with global keyboard shortcuts, I recommend we simply add the sidebar close button to the tab order, so the user can tab to it and press ENTER to close the sidebar.  Patch tested with Inspect32 and WindowEyes 5.5 on Windows; close button is exposed as role=pushbutton, name="Close sidebar" (localized) and read correctly by WindowEyes.
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Changing to keyboard navigation component. Places doesn't even have a sidebar.
Component: Places → Keyboard Navigation
Assignee: nobody → pilgrim
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Patch to add sidebar close button to tab order

Is there any focus feedback (i.e. outline) when the button is focused?
Yes, the entire close button icon is enclosed in the usual focus rectangle.
I'm updating the status whiteboard field so I can run an intenral report.  Don't interpret this as impatience; I know things are crazy right now.
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The patch seems to have rotted (on branch, at least) a little bit. I hacked the CSS manually, though, and didn't see the effect (on Mac). But maybe we should be supporting the close tab (Accel-W) shortcut in the sidebar instead of tabbing over to the closebutton? Otherwise you get this weird effect where you've got the sidebar in focus (with a focus rect!) and Accel-W closes the tab that's *not* currently given focus.
Re-diffed against latest trunk.

I disagree with Beltzner that changing the behavior of Accel-W is the appropriate solution for this bug.  The behavior you describe already exists (lots of sidebars can have focused elements, but Accel-W still closes the unfocused browser tab), but this patch doesn't make that inconsistent behavior any worse.

And yeah, you won't see the focus rectangle on Mac OS X.  Test on Windows or Linux or some other platform that shows focus rectangles on random things.
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Focusable close box

Setting the right flag
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Focusable close box

I still think it's strange that the non-focused tab gets closed on accel-w, but that's a separate bug, I guess.
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Focusable close box

This will do for now, r=mano.
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trunk: mozilla/browser/base/content/browser.css 1.20
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