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Shift + scroll wheel moves back and forth through history


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Using a scroll wheel with the shift key held down moves back and forth through
history. AFAIK, we should only be doing this on option scrolling, as
shift-scrolling should be for horizontal scrolling (which doesn't work).  There
are lots of reports of this in forums an comments, and I'm seeing it as well in
recent 0.8 branch nightlies.

I don't think this was always the behavior. Could someone check old nightlies
and see if this is a regression, and if so when it regressed?
depend or duplicate bug171680 ?
> depend or duplicate bug171680 ?

I believe that we have our own code that's independent of the prefs discussed in
that bug. If that's the case, it's neither.
Two questions:
-I checked an old 4/26 trunk build, and it was fine there. What regressed us?
-Shouldn't we be getting those values already from all.js?
Nevermind, the answers are
-Bug 241646
-I was looking at the wrong lines of code.

It seems like scrolling up and down with the shift key should be
normalscroll+shift not horizscroll+shift, but whatever.
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enable horizontal scroll by shift+wheel again.

This makes it work, but it works *backwards*. Option+scroll for history is also

The real problem is that we are using horizscroll prefs for both option and
shift. We can either override them with the normal ones or figure out why and
fix *that*, which seems like the better option.
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Nevermind the last comment; I misunderstood horizscroll.

This makes shift-scroll and option-scroll work as they did before being "fixed"
for windows in all.js
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complete fix

We need this for trunk and branch
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complete fix

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landed trunk and branch
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