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Automatically using a stylesheet for each mail we send


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A big new feature would be to automatically attach and use a stylesheet for mail
in HTML. Why is it important ?
A company or an administration can set up a particular stylesheet for all
outgoing mails of all of its employees for example with particular fonts, logos
and colors.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
No step, this feature doesn't exist.
Actual Results:  
Nothing ;-)

Expected Results:  
The stylesheet is used as soon as the user click on Compose in the Mail window.
The stylesheet is attached to the mail or an url is attached to the mail is the
company want to manage it directly on its web server (good for update)
This is probably a duplicate of bug 107876 and/or bug 21210.
Product: MailNews → Core
I don't think this is a dupe.  Sending a default stylesheet (especially creating a default one, with styling supplied for Moz-specific stuff, i.e. 
bug 212535) is not dependent on the template mechanism.  Even if it were opened up to allow the user to select a stylesheet, it would be separate from the templates -- especially since selecting a stylesheet doesn't have any real effect on the content.

Of course, saving a template should also save the selected stylesheet.
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