Reflow absolute children of relative positioned inlines during nsLineLayout::RelativePositionFrames




15 years ago
3 months ago


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Because horizontal alignment of inline frames can change their widths, absolute
children of relatively positioned inlines should be reflowed after horizontal
alignment. nsLineLayout::RelativePositionFrames would be a good place to do
this; we can't do it any later, because we need to compute the correct overflow
area in that method.

Also, if we do this, then line layout does not need to record the overflow area
of frames or spans in the per-frame or per-span structures, because all overflow
areas will be entirely computed on the fly in RelativePositionFrames. This will
save space and simplify code.

*** Bug 255138 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
See also bug 5016 comment 19 and following (though that's subsumed and
superceded by comment 0 here, I think).
Blocks: 5016
Assignee: roc → nobody
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