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Why switch to Firefox page needs updating


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The "Why You Should Switch to Firefox" (see URL) page is a little out of date.

For example:

1) -- Old pic, 
with old theme/buttons

2) -- Pic showing 
old popup indicator, and the icons are in bottom left of window (they are now 

3) - Old privacy icon 
from Tools > Options

4) - Old Web 
Features icon from Tools > Options

5) - Old 
bookmarks manager. Single pane, now two-pane.

6) -- Old 'type 
ahead find' image, with no Find toolbar.

7) 'Type-Ahead Find' is used in this page, should it be 'Find as you type' now?


Please note that I use nightly Firefox build and I appreciate that things such 
as the find toolbar may not be in 0.9.x (can't remember). I think this page 
needs a good update by the time 1.0 final is released.
In addition the website is pointing to the wrong CSS file. which makes the page
look like plain text.

i have a "stripped" version at my website.
They updated the page but there are still a few small errors.
Component: → Web Site
Product: → Firefox
Version: other → unspecified
The URL now redirects (rather badly) back to the product page. I think should
start anew. can give us some idea of what it
should look like (it's licensed under Attribution-NoDerivs, so no text copying
is possible).
Assignee: mozilla.webmaster → daniel.bugmail
QA Contact: daniel.bugmail → mozilla.webmaster
I could change the redirection to point to that page, if Ben approves.
The "why" page is gone and redirected to the product page.
Closed: 20 years ago
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--> Websites :: so timeless can close out Firefox :: Product Site.
Component: Product Site →
Product: Firefox → Websites
QA Contact: www-mozilla-org → www-mozilla-com
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