Mozilla M13 crashes - Mac volume corrupted



19 years ago
14 years ago


(Reporter: alex_shop, Assigned: dougt)



Mac System 8.6

Firefox Tracking Flags

(Not tracked)




19 years ago
Launching Mozilla M13 causes disk corruption. Mac volume containing Mozilla
is rendered unusable, cannot be mounted or reparied (numerous volume bitmap
and B-tree errors), and must be reinitialized and restored.

Disk is corrupted after taking Macsbug stdlog below and restarting computer.

Unable to locate Mozilla component responsible for crash. Problem appears to be
in initialization code.

****** MacsBug stdlog output ******
  MacsBug 6.5.4a6, Copyright Apple Computer, Inc. 1981-98
PowerPC unmapped memory exception at 65005264
  30-Jan-2000 8:31:51 PM (since boot = 11 hours, 55 minutes)
  Current application is “Mozilla”
  Machine = 108 (PowerMac7200), System $0860, sysu = $01008000
  ROM version $077D, $28F2, $0001 (ROMBase $FFC00000)
  VM is on; paging is currently safe (RAM Doubler� is here!)
  NIL^ = $FFC10000
  Stack space used = +169129666
 Address 65005264 is not in RAM or ROM
 PowerPC 604e Registers
                         CR0  CR1  CR2  CR3  CR4  CR5  CR6  CR7
  PC  = 65005264     CR  0010 1100 0000 0000 0000 0000 0100 1011
  LR  = 0DCBE844         <>=O XEVO
  CTR = 65005265
  MSR = 00000000         SOC Compare Count
  Int = 0            XER 000   00     00                     MQ  = 00000000
  R0  = 65005265     R8  = 09D5AC30      R16 = 00000000      R24 = 0BB53B74
  SP  = 09D5AD20     R9  = 6806DC64      R17 = 00000000      R25 = 002F0DB0
  TOC = 67697374     R10 = 00000001      R18 = 00000000      R26 = 086590F8
  R3  = 00000000     R11 = 0034A2C8      R19 = 00000000      R27 = 00000000
  R4  = 08659160     R12 = 00021A00      R20 = 09D5B260      R28 = 09D5AE48
  R5  = 09D5AE48     R13 = 00000000      R21 = 00000000      R29 = 08652828
  R6  = 0000A260     R14 = 00000000      R22 = 00000000      R30 = 00000000
  R7  = 09D5AE54     R15 = 00000000      R23 = 00000000      R31 = 08659160
 Unable to access that address
 Heap zones
  #1  Mod       24816K  00002800 to 0183EA3F  SysZone^
  #2  Mod           6K    00010160 to 00011CFF  ROM read-only zone
  #3  Mod         216K    0044DA70 to 00483A6F
  #4  Mod          94K    004E5B40 to 004FD71F
  #5  Mod      167169K  0183EA40 to 0BB7F1DF !  Process Manager zone
  #6  Mod       23801K    085D0FB0 to 09D0F6AF  “Mozilla”  ApplZone^  TheZone^  TargetZone
  #7  Mod        4121K    09D5B7C0 to 0A161EBF  “M A C A S T 1.0”
  #8  Mod        1861K    0A175FD0 to 0A3476CF  “iCab”
  #9  Mod        2989K    0A36B7E0 to 0A656EDF  “Macster 1.0 Preview 1”
  #10 Mod        4145K    0A673FF0 to 0AA806EF  “QuickTime Player”
  #11 Mod        1325K    0AC7ACC0 to 0ADC63BF  “Eudora Pro”
  #12 Mod        2113K    0ADDA4D0 to 0AFEABCF  “”
  #13 Mod        1049K    0B3F4CF0 to 0B4FB3EF  “ramBunctious”
  #14 Mod        1081K    0B50F500 to 0B61DBFF  “DragThing 2.7”
  #15 Mod        2525K    0B631D40 to 0B8A943F  “BBEdit”
  #16 Mod         215K    0B8BD550 to 0B8F344F  “DarkSide”
  #17 Mod          18K    0B8FD560 to 0B901E1F
  #18 Mod         942K    0B9182E0 to 0BA03DDF  “Finder”
  #19 Mod         361K    0BA3BE00 to 0BA964FF  “Folder Actions”
  #20 Mod          89K    0BB18040 to 0BB2E73F  “Control Strip Extension”
  #21 Mod          13K    0BB54630 to 0BB57A7F
  WARNING: One or more heaps may be corrupt. Use HC ALL (Heap Check) for a thorough check.
Checking all heaps
 The System heap at 00002800 is ok
 The ROM read-only heap at 00010160 is ok
 The heap at 0044DA70 is ok
 The heap at 004E5B40 is ok
 The Process Manager heap at 0183EA40 is bad
  Master pointer does not point at block
 Block header
  03418030  033E EE00 AB00 0004  0000 0020 F946 101E  €>Ó€´€€€€€€ ùF€€
 The “Mozilla” heap at 085D0FB0 is ok
 Totaling the “Mozilla” heap at 085D0FB0
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           0005       #5   00B65490    #11949200
  Nonrelocatable                 006B     #107   00BC96EC    #12359404
  Relocatable                    0037      #55   0000FB40       #64320
    Locked                       0000       #0   00000000           #0
    Purgeable and not locked     0000       #0   00000000           #0
  Heap size                      00A7     #167   0173E6BC    #24372924
 The target heap is the System heap at 00002800
 Totaling the System heap at 00002800
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           002E      #46   000F6FE0     #1011680
  Nonrelocatable                 0E39    #3641   00A93E6C    #11091564
  Relocatable                    0F34    #3892   00CB13B0    #13308848
    Locked                       0224     #548   00A26E90    #10645136
    Purgeable and not locked     0142     #322   000D8D60      #888160
  Heap size                      1D9B    #7579   0183C1FC    #25412092
 The target heap is the “Mozilla” heap at 085D0FB0
 Displaying File Control Blocks
  fRef File                   Vol         Type Fl Fork     LEof
  0002 System                 PCP210      zsys dW rsrc #6467759
  0060                        PCP210      €€€€ dw data #1044992
  00BE                        PCP210      €€€€ dw data #1044992
  011C VM Storage             PCP210      SWAP dW data       #0
  017A **** EXTENTS B-TREE    Reliant     €€€€ dw data #1047040
  01D8 **** CATALOG B-TREE    Reliant     €€€€ dw data #1047040
  0236 System Resources       PCP210      zsyr dw rsrc  #885137
  2922 System                 PCP210      zsys dw data #4242836
  2980 Font Manager Update    PCP210      shlb dw data  #163072
  29DE OpenTpt Serial Arbitr… PCP210      libr dw rsrc    #7974
  2A3C **** EXTENTS B-TREE    Excelsior   €€€€ dw data #4194304
  2A9A **** CATALOG B-TREE    Excelsior   €€€€ dw data #8388608
  2AF8 **** VOLUME BITMAP     Excelsior   €€€€ dw data   #65536
  2B56 **** EXTENTS B-TREE    Defiant     €€€€ dw data #4194304
  2BB4 **** CATALOG B-TREE    Defiant     €€€€ dw data #4194304
  2C12 **** VOLUME BITMAP     Defiant     €€€€ dw data   #36864
  2C70 **** EXTENTS B-TREE    Enterprise  €€€€ dw data #1044480
  2CCE **** CATALOG B-TREE    Enterprise  €€€€ dw data #2088960
  2D2C **** EXTENTS B-TREE    Endeavor    €€€€ dw data #4194304
  2D8A **** CATALOG B-TREE    Endeavor    €€€€ dw data #8388608
  2DE8 **** VOLUME BITMAP     Endeavor    €€€€ dw data   #49152
  2E46 Open Transport Library PCP210      libr dw rsrc  #510791
  2EA4 USB Device Extension   PCP210      ndrv dw data  #112882
  2F02 OpenTransportLib       PCP210      otsl dw data  #489328
  2F60 USB HID Driver         PCP210      ndrv dw data  #112610
  2FBE HID Library            PCP210      shlb dw data   #16828
  301C USB Macsense GameDevi… PCP210      ndrv dw data  #107642
  307A Shared Library Manage… PCP210      INIT dw rsrc  #211694
  30D8 Open Transport Library PCP210      libr dw rsrc  #510791
  3136 Open Tpt AppleTalk Li… PCP210      libr dw rsrc  #504779
  3194 Open Tpt Internet Lib… PCP210      libr dw rsrc  #462069
  31F2 OpenTpt Remote Access  PCP210      libr dw rsrc #1083183
  3250 OpenTptAppleTalkLib    PCP210      otsl dw data   #48738
  32AE OpenTpt Modem          PCP210      libr dw rsrc   #91506
  330C OpenTpt Remote Access  PCP210      libr dw rsrc #1083183
  336A Remote Access Log      PCP210      lzlg dW data  #432640
  33C8 OpenTptInternetLib     PCP210      otsl dw data  #257726
  3426 Open Transport Library PCP210      libr dw rsrc  #510791
  3484 Serial (Built-in)      PCP210      libr dw rsrc   #63254
  34E2 OpenTpt Serial Arbitr… PCP210      libr dw rsrc    #7974
  3540 ATI Resource Manager   PCP210      shlb dw data   #98708
  359E Kaleidoscope           PCP210      cdev dW rsrc  #801465
  35FC Apple Guide            PCP210      INIT dw data  #582344
  365A AppleScript            PCP210      INIT dw data   #50902
  36B8 Contextual Menu Exten… PCP210      INIT dw data   #66663
  3716 Standard Additions     PCP210      osax dw data  #146140
  3774 AppleScriptLib         PCP210      shlb dw data   #22636
  37D2 SOMobjects� for Mac OS PCP210      shlb dw data  #129152
  3830 OT AutoPush Support    PCP210      INIT dw data    #9564
  388E QuickTime�             PCP210      INIT dw data  #454020
  38EC Sound Manager          PCP210      INIT dw data   #19522
  394A             Enterprise  APPL dW rsrc  #647048
  39A8 Aqua                   Reliant     Colr dw rsrc #1122948
  3A06 Speech Manager         PCP210      INIT dw data    #4000
  3A64 Virus Definitions      PCP210      VEng dW data #2056256
  3AC2 Control Strip Extensi… PCP210      appe dW rsrc   #67084
  3B20             Enterprise  APPL dw data  #415000
  3B7E DarkSide               Enterprise  APPL dW rsrc   #93788
  3BDC ContextsUtilityLib     Enterprise  shlb dw data    #3310
  3C3A Folder Actions         PCP210      appe dW rsrc    #4969
  3C98 PrintingLib            PCP210      shlb dw data  #670670
  3CF6 Finder                 PCP210      FNDR dw rsrc  #638604
  3D54 QuickTime� PowerPlug   PCP210      INIT dw data  #224542
  3DB2 Finder                 PCP210      FNDR dw data #1870938
  3E10 Color Picker           PCP210      INIT dw data    #6400
  3E6E File Sharing Library   PCP210      shlb dw data   #91214
  3ECC File Sharing Library   PCP210      shlb dw rsrc    #3190
  3F2A QuickDraw� 3D RAVE     PCP210      shlb dw data  #286738
  3F88 3Dfx RAVE              PCP210      shlb dw data   #30898
  3FE6 3DfxGlideLib2.x        PCP210      shlb dw data  #328348
  4044 ATI 3D Accelerator     PCP210      shlb dw data  #579631
  40A2 Finder Preferences     PCP210      pref dW rsrc    #3803
  4100 Desktop DB             PCP210      BTFL dW data  #346112
  415E Desktop DF             PCP210      DTFL dW data #2694034
  41BC DataAccessUtilityLib   Enterprise  shlb dw data   #11898
  421A Desktop DB             Reliant     BTFL dW data  #102400
  4278 Desktop DF             Reliant     DTFL dW data  #836242
  42D6 Desktop DB             Excelsior   BTFL dW data  #851968
  4334 Desktop DF             Excelsior   DTFL dW data #7261074
  4392 Desktop DB             Defiant     BTFL dW data  #163840
  43F0 Desktop DF             Defiant     DTFL dW data  #780450
  444E Desktop DB             Enterprise  BTFL dW data  #540672
  44AC Desktop DF             Enterprise  DTFL dW data #4393746
  450A Desktop DB             Endeavor    BTFL dW data  #442368
  4568 Desktop DF             Endeavor    DTFL dW data #2564066
  45C6 BBEdit                 Enterprise  APPL dW rsrc #1656745
  4624 CDFinder-CMM           PCP210      cmpi dw data   #15347
  4682 ClipboardNamer CMM     PCP210      cmpi dw data   #19475
  46E0 Copy Path              PCP210      cmpi dw data    #7464
  473E Find CM Items          PCP210      cmpi dw data   #25951
  479C FinderViewContextMenu  PCP210      cmpi dw data   #37902
  47FA Folder Actions Menus   PCP210      cmpi dw data   #10031
  4858 Text Encoding Convert… PCP210      shlb dw data  #153184
  48B6 MindExpander CMPlugin  PCP210      cmpi dw data    #6963
  4914 QuickViewer            PCP210      cmpi dw data   #27964
  4972 Chinese Encodings      PCP210      ecpg dw data   #14968
  49D0 Japanese Encodings     PCP210      ecpg dw data   #14952
  4A2E Korean Encodings       PCP210      ecpg dw data   #10488
  4A8C Unicode Encodings      PCP210      ecpg dw data   #16872
  4AEA Stripper CMPlugin 1.02 PCP210      cmpi dw data   #22159
  4B48 UDFBridgeCMPlugin      PCP210      cmpi dw data    #5261
  4BA6 Virex Contextual Menu  PCP210      cmpi dw data    #3323
  4C04 DarkSide               Enterprise  APPL dw data   #66692
  4C62 M A C A S T 1.0        Enterprise  APPL dW rsrc  #274291
  4CC0 BBEdit                 Enterprise  APPL dw data #2412887
  4D1E Find By Content        PCP210      shlb dw data  #413518
  4D7C BBEdit 5.1 Prefs       PCP210      pref dW rsrc   #43678
  4DDA LineSort PPC           Enterprise  BBXT dw rsrc    #9932
  4E38 Perl Filters           Enterprise  BBXT dw rsrc   #16761
  4E96 Perl Palette           Enterprise  BBTL dw rsrc   #51975
  4EF4 LineSort PPC           Enterprise  BBXT dw data  #169371
  4F52 Control Strip Extensi… PCP210      appe dw data    #3160
  4FB0 InterfaceUtilityLib    Enterprise  shlb dw data   #42766
  500E Minuet                 PCP210      sdev dw data   #46619
  506C Monitor BitDepth       PCP210      sdev dw data    #7402
  50CA Monitor Resolution     PCP210      sdev dw data   #13890
  5128 Sound Volume           PCP210      sdev dw data    #4154
  5186 DragThing 2.7          Enterprise  APPL dW rsrc  #947572
  51E4 DragThing 2.7          Enterprise  APPL dw data  #771309
  5242 Internet Config Exten… PCP210      thng dw data   #27708
  52A0 DragThing Preferences  PCP210      pref dW rsrc  #651337
  52FE ramBunctious           Enterprise  APPL dW rsrc  #180403
  535C ramBunctious           Enterprise  APPL dw data   #64566
  53BA Ram Disk               PCP210      FxFl dW data       #0
  5418 Ram Disk               PCP210      FxFl dW rsrc     #695
  5476 **** EXTENTS B-TREE    Ram Disk    €€€€ dw data   #32768
  54D4 **** CATALOG B-TREE    Ram Disk    €€€€ dw data   #32768
  5532 Desktop DB             Ram Disk    BTFL dW data    #2048
  5590 Desktop DF             Ram Disk    DTFL dW data       #2
  55EE Folder Actions         PCP210      appe dw data   #20046
  564C UniversalPrintingLib   Enterprise  shlb dw data    #4884
  56AA DrawSprocketLib        PCP210      shlb dw data  #112550
  5708 AppleShare             PCP210      RDEV dw data  #175360
  5766 AppleShare             PCP210      RDEV dw rsrc  #469961
  57C4 Telnet 3.0 Preferences PCP210      pref dW rsrc    #5049
  5822 QuickTime Player       Enterprise  APPL dW rsrc  #436686
  5880 Open Tpt Internet Lib… PCP210      libr dw rsrc  #462069
  58DE QuickTime Player       Enterprise  APPL dw data  #612408
  593C QuickTime Streaming    PCP210      INIT dw data  #179700
  599A Music cd for sale      Defiant     MooV dW rsrc    #3184
  59F8 Music cd for sale      Defiant     MooV dw data #42863700
  5A56 Macster 1.0 Preview 1  Enterprise  APPL dW rsrc  #156793
  5AB4 Macster 1.0 Preview 1  Enterprise  APPL dw data  #637214
  5B12 M A C A S T 1.0        Enterprise  APPL dw data #1069158
  5B70 Eudora Pro             Enterprise  APPL dW rsrc  #446472
  5BCE Eudora Pro             Enterprise  APPL dw data #2036596
  5C2C Eudora Internal Spell… Enterprise  shlb dw data  #117520
  5C8A Eudora LDAP Library    Enterprise  shlb dw data  #284430
  5CE8 URL Access             PCP210      otsl dw data  #449967
  5D46 Network Setup Extensi… PCP210      shlb dw data  #422678
  5DA4 URL Access             PCP210      otsl dw rsrc   #11817
  fRef File                   Vol         Type Fl Fork     LEof
  5E02 Network Setup Extensi… PCP210      shlb dw rsrc   #26657
  5E60 Network Setup Extensi… PCP210      shlb dw rsrc   #26657
  5EBE MACAST Preferences     PCP210      PREF dW rsrc    #1936
  5F1C Esoteric Settings 4.2  Enterprise  rsrc dw rsrc    #9711
  5F7A Eudora Pro Help        Enterprise  EuHl dw rsrc  #452645
  5FD8 Help Data.NC           Enterprise  rsrc dw rsrc    #1104
  6036 PureVoice� Help        Enterprise  EuHl dw rsrc    #6826
  6094 SuperSleek� Plugin 1.0 Enterprise  rsrc dw rsrc  #105530
  60F2 Eudora Settings        Endeavor    PREF dW rsrc   #53522
  6150 TrekAMP 3.0            Enterprise  SKIN dw rsrc  #348504
  61AE iCab                   Enterprise  APPL dW rsrc  #411811
  620C iCab                   Enterprise  APPL dw data #2526954
  626A QuickDraw� 3D Viewer   PCP210      shlb dw data   #73636
  62C8 QuickDraw� 3D          PCP210      INIT dw data #1260863
  6326 MRJLib                 PCP210      shlb dw data #1862044
  6384 URL Access             PCP210      otsl dw rsrc   #11817
  63E2 AppleShare             PCP210      RDEV dw rsrc  #469961
  6440 AIFF/WAVE              Enterprise  PLUG dw data   #10297
  649E Juliamation            Enterprise  PLUG dw data   #16185
  64FC Live Input             Enterprise  PLUG dw data   #33042
  655A Red Book               Enterprise  PLUG dw data   #18146
  65B8 Reflections            Enterprise  PLUG dw data    #4735
  6616 RGBSpectrum            Enterprise  PLUG dw data    #3908
  6674 Rise & Fall (Vis 1.0)  Enterprise  PLUG dw data   #54624
  66D2 Star Lyrics            Enterprise  PLUG dw data    #6929
  6730 Ultimate VU            Enterprise  PLUG dw data   #22993
  678E OpenGLLibrary          PCP210      shlb dw data  #133197
  67EC OpenGLMemory           PCP210      shlb dw data    #9849
  684A OpenGLUtility          PCP210      shlb dw data  #215486
  68A8 WhiteCap               Enterprise  PLUG dw data  #107933
  6906 XAudio                 Enterprise  PLUG dw data  #150944
  6964 XAudio                 Enterprise  PLUG dw rsrc   #38124
  69C2 XL                     Enterprise  PLUG dw data    #4420
  6A20 XL                     Enterprise  PLUG dw rsrc   #11660
  6A7E MatrixBLR              Enterprise  PLUG dw data    #9066
  6ADC MatrixBLR              Enterprise  PLUG dw rsrc    #6816
  6B3A Fire BLR               Enterprise  PLUG dw data   #12009
  6B98 Fire BLR               Enterprise  PLUG dw rsrc   #23156
  6BF6 BabyRave 1.0.1         Enterprise  PLUG dw data    #6315
  6C54 BabyRave 1.0.1         Enterprise  PLUG dw rsrc  #119315
  6CB2 Andromeda 1.7.1        Enterprise  PLUG dw data    #7003
  6D10 Andromeda 1.7.1        Enterprise  PLUG dw rsrc    #7331
  6D6E Mozilla                Enterprise  APPL dW rsrc   #97952
  6DCC Mozilla                Enterprise  APPL dw data   #32131
  6E2A Clipboard              PCP210      CLIP dW data      #16
  6E88 NSRuntime.shlb         Enterprise  shlb dw data   #15704
  6EE6 FWB CD-ROM Cache File… Reliant     FWcf dW data #3072000
  6F44 NSStdLib.shlb          Enterprise  shlb dw data  #284608
  6FA2 NSPR20.shlb            Enterprise  shlb dw data  #213557
  7000 JavaScript.shlb        Enterprise  shlb dw data  #404174
  705E webshell.shlb          Enterprise  shlb dw data  #201768
  70BC xpcom.shlb             Enterprise  shlb dw data  #585207
  711A libreg.shlb            Enterprise  shlb dw data   #37794
  7178 dom.shlb               Enterprise  shlb dw data  #946955
  71D6 NetworkModular.shlb    Enterprise  shlb dw data    #6882
  7234 StdLog                 PCP210      TEXT dW data   #17653
  #348 FCBs, #312 in use (including #105 fonts not listed), #36 free
 Displaying Driver Control Entries
  No drivers are busy.
 Displaying resource information:
  >   Map $085D1138, flags $0000, file $6D6E = Mozilla
   +  Map $00003274, flags $801A, file $0003 = €ROM resources that override System€
    S Map $00003368, flags $200D, file $0002 = System
      Map $0000320C, flags $0014, file $0236 = System Resources
      Map $009479D4, flags $0000, file $39A8 = Aqua
      Map $00992D18, flags $0000, file $359E = Kaleidoscope
      [Skipped $0069 maps belonging to font files]
 Calling chain using A6/R1 links
  Back chain  ISA  Caller
  00000000    PPC  0DB3A9E4  
  09D5B500    PPC  0DB37B0C  main+00190
  09D5B460    PPC  0DB36F28  main1(int, char**)+00030
  09D5B370    PPC  0DB386C0  NS_SetupRegistry_1+00014
  09D5B330    PPC  0DB37F58  NS_AutoregisterComponents()+00014
  09D5B2F0    PPC  0DC62168  nsComponentManager::AutoRegister(int, nsIFileSpec*)+00044
  09D5B2A0    PPC  0DC77E3C  nsComponentManagerImpl::AutoRegister(int, nsIFileSpec*)+000C8
  09D5B040    PPC  0DCBDD90  nsNativeComponentLoader::AutoRegisterComponents(int, nsIFileSpec
  09D5B000    PPC  0DCBDF7C  nsNativeComponentLoader::RegisterComponentsInDir(int, nsIFileSpe
 Return addresses on the stack
  Stack Addr  Frame Addr   ISA   Caller
   09D5B0FA                68K   00974B34
   09D5B0DC    09D5B0D8    68K   002EFF5A 'scod BFAF 0002'+04C7A
   09D5B0C8    09D5B0C0    PPC   0C239FF0
   09D5B0C0                PPC   09D5B0FC
   09D5B080                68K   0018907E 'PACK 0008 0002 AevtMgr'+04BCE
   09D5B078    09D5B070    PPC   0C23A804
   09D5B048                PPC   0DC77E3C nsComponentManagerImpl::AutoRegister(int, nsIFileSp
   09D5B010                68K   002F5A44 'scod BFAF 0002'+0A764
   09D5B008    09D5B000    PPC   0DCBDD90 nsNativeComponentLoader::AutoRegisterComponents(int
, nsIFileSpec*)+00014
   09D5AFE4                68K   002F0DAE 'scod BFAF 0002'+05ACE
   09D5AFDC                68K   0862A4D6
   09D5AFC8    09D5AFC0    PPC   0DC96660 nsFileSpec::~nsFileSpec()+0002C
   09D5AF98    09D5AF90    PPC   0DCA1EC8 nsSpecialSystemDirectory::operator=(nsSpecialSystem
   09D5AF88    09D5AF80    PPC   0DC95590 nsSimpleCharString::~nsSimpleCharString()+00020
   09D5AF78    09D5AF70    PPC   0DC978BC nsFileSpecImpl::nsFileSpecImpl(const nsFileSpec&)+0
   09D5AF58    09D5AF50    PPC   0DCBDF7C nsNativeComponentLoader::RegisterComponentsInDir(in
t, nsIFileSpec*)+00180
   09D5AF18                PPC   0DC986F4 nsFileSpecImpl::IsDirectory(int*)+0001C
   09D5AEF0                68K   0862A4D6
   09D5AEEC                68K   0862A4D6
   09D5AE5C                68K   0015535E
   09D5AE10                68K   0015535E
   09D5ADE8                68K   0DB796AA malloc+00042
   09D5ADD8    09D5ADD0    PPC   0DB7D81C GetDirectoryID+0001C
   09D5AD78    09D5AD70    PPC   0DB7D668 GetCatInfoNoName+0005C
   09D5AD38    09D5AD30    PPC   FFD44BAC PBGetCatInfoSync+0002C
   09D5AD30                68K   09D5AD6E
   09D5AD28    09D5AD24    68K   0DCBE826 nsNativeComponentLoader::AutoRegisterComponent(int,
 nsIFileSpec*, int*)+000EA
 Displaying memory from 0
  00000000  FFC1 0000 FFC1 0000  002E B336 002E 0000  �¡€€�¡€€€.³6€.€€
  00000010  0009 0AB4 A29C B33C  FFC0 31A8 FFC0 31AA  €€€¥¢ú³<�¿1®�¿1�
 Closing log


19 years ago
Severity: major → critical
Keywords: crash

Comment 1

19 years ago
steve, are you the right guy for this sort of thing?
Assignee: leger → sdagley

Comment 2

19 years ago
The stack trace makes it look to be a component registry problem so I'm going to 

refer this one to dougt.  The good news is M13 pre-dates nsLocalFile so that 

won't be part of the problem.  BTW, note a similiar, but not identical, bug 

#26890 where we're having problems on non-US systems

Assignee: sdagley → dougt

Comment 3

19 years ago
we are not seeing this anymore, closing as WORKSFORME
Last Resolved: 19 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME

Comment 4

18 years ago
Verified worksforme.
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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