Macintosh fails to launch and crashes OS



18 years ago
13 years ago


(Reporter: Allan Masri, Assigned: Jim Roskind)



Mac System 8.5

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18 years ago
with netscape5 2000-02-07, with macos 8.5-ja:

Netscape5 will not launch on a Japanese system. This seems to involve the profile 
manager, since I can get to the profile manager, but not past it. This is a block 
to testing.

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18 years ago

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 15264 ***
Last Resolved: 18 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE

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18 years ago

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18 years ago
Reopening bug to change assigned to
Component: Profile Manager BackEnd → Browser-General
QA Contact: gbush
Resolution: DUPLICATE → ---
Summary: Macintosh fails to launch on 8.5-ja → Macintosh fails to launch on japanese systems

Comment 4

18 years ago
Macintosh fails to launch on japanese systems. Behavior is various, but has 

1) hangs when trying to change folder in profile manager. (We do this to avoid 
bug 15264)
2) shows bomb alert saying that there is an illegal command in the finder.
3) crashes into Macsbug, giving the location of the crash and "deep in the 
bowels of memory manager (no joke).

One of the serious side affects noticed is that the system comes up on reboot 
with no finder.

This is the second machine that I've had these results on. The first apparently 
has a bad drive, which may have been caused by installing seamonkey onto it.
Assignee: selmer → dp
Priority: P3 → P1

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18 years ago
Err why me ! Robert can you help with this.
Assignee: dp → rjc

Comment 6

18 years ago
This works fine for me on Mac OS 9 with all the foreign language charsets 
(including Japanese) installed.

amasri, can you attach a stack trace from Macsbug?

Frank, can you (or one of the other international guys) with Mac experience 
diagnose this a bit?  Does this work for you, or fail?

I wonder if its a pathname issue.

Assignee: rjc → ftang

Comment 7

18 years ago
  MacsBug 6.6, Copyright Apple Computer, Inc. 1981-99
 NMI (user entered MacsBug on purpose)
  9-Feb-2000 3:27:47 PM (since boot = 3 minutes)
  Current application is “Netscape AOL Instant Messenger”
  Machine = #69 (PowerMac8500), System $0900, sysu = $01008000
  ROM version $077D, $28F2, $0001 (ROMBase $FFC00000)
  VM is on; paging is currently safe (and it probably isn't VM's fault)
  NIL^ = $FFC10000
  Stack space used = +2162
 Address 00098F2E is in the System heap at 00002800 
 It is 00000FDE bytes into this heap block:
     Start    Length      Tag  Mstr Ptr Lock Prg  Type   ID   File      Name
  • 00097F50 000014A4+10   N                      
 68020 Registers
  D0 = 00000016      A0 = 03A13388       USP  = 03A132B0
  D1 = 03A13BF0      A1 = 03A13458       MSP  = 00000000
  D2 = 03A134C0      A2 = 800000BC       ISP  = 03D8EC00
  D3 = 98000000      A3 = 037F42C0       VBR  = 001F0770
  D4 = 003394D4      A4 = 03D352F0       CACR = 00000001     SFC = 0
  D5 = 800000D0      A5 = 03A13BF0       CAAR = 00000000     DFC = 0
  D6 = 03D7C304      A6 = 03A13350       PC   = 00098F2E
  D7 = 03A13BF0      A7 = 03A132B0       SR   = smxnzvc      Int = 0
 Disassembling from 00098F16
  No procedure name
            00098F16   ABCD       D0,D4                                   | C900
            00098F18   ORI.B      #$80FC,A1                               | 0009 
            00098F1C   ORI.B      #$00,D0                                 | 0000 
            00098F20   MOVEA.L    $0004(A7),A0                            | 206F 
            00098F24   MOVEQ      #$00,D0                                 | 7000
            00098F26   MOVE.B     $0001(A0),D0                            | 1028 
            00098F2A   ADDQ.W     #$8,D0                                  | 5040
            00098F2C   SUBQ.W     #$4,A7                                  | 594F
            00098F2E  *SUBA.L     D0,A7                                   | 9FC0
            00098F30   MOVEA.L    A7,A1                                   | 224F
            00098F32   _BlockMoveData                        ; FFD13A38   | A22E
            00098F34   MOVEQ      #$00,D0                                 | 7000
            00098F36   _ComponentDispatch                    ; 005D6E40   | A82A
            00098F38   MOVE.L     (A7)+,$0008(A7)                         | 2F5F 
            00098F3C   MOVEA.L    (A7)+,A0                                | 205F
            00098F3E   ADDQ.W     #$4,A7                                  | 584F
            00098F40   JMP        (A0)                                    | 4ED0
            00098F42   ORI.B      #$09,D0                                 | 0000 
            00098F46   OR.B       D7,-(A0)                                | 8F20
            00098F48   BTST       D0,D0                                   | 0100
 Heap zones
  #1  Mod       11057K  00002800 to 00ACEC9F  SysZone^
  #2  Mod           6K    0000C1E0 to 0000DD7F  ROM read-only zone
  #3  Mod       51865K  00ACECA0 to 03D7529F  Process Manager zone
  #4  Mod        2505K    03785410 to 039F7B0F  “Netscape AOL Instant Messenger”  
TheZone^  TargetZone
  #5  Mod         112K    03B170B0 to 03B330AF
  #6  Mod         954K    03B4B170 to 03C39C6F  “Finder”
  #7  Mod          99K    03C6BE30 to 03C84D2F  “É^ÉCÉÄÅEÉVÉìÉNÉçÉiÉCÉU”
  #8  Mod         361K    03C8F690 to 03CE9D8F  “ÉtÉHÉãÉ_ÉAÉNÉVÉáÉì”
  #9  Mod          89K    03D006F0 to 03D16DEF  “ÉRÉìÉgÉçÅ[ÉãÉoÅ[ã@î\ägí£”
  #10 Mod        3071K  04100000 to 043FFFDF
  #11 Mod         144K    041C13D0 to 041E53CF
  #12 Mod          94K    042474A0 to 0425F07F
Checking all heaps
 The System heap at 00002800 is ok
 The ROM read-only heap at 0000C1E0 is ok
 The Process Manager heap at 00ACECA0 is ok
 The “Netscape AOL Instant Messenger” heap at 03785410 is ok
 The heap at 03B170B0 is ok
 The “Finder” heap at 03B4B170 is ok
 The “É^ÉCÉÄÅEÉVÉìÉNÉçÉiÉCÉU” heap at 03C6BE30 is ok
 The “ÉtÉHÉãÉ_ÉAÉNÉVÉáÉì” heap at 03C8F690 is ok
 The “ÉRÉìÉgÉçÅ[ÉãÉoÅ[ã@î\ägí£” heap at 03D006F0 is ok
  System heap high free space + TempMem low free space = #47095760 (#44M)
 The target heap is the System heap at 00002800
 Totaling the System heap at 00002800
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           001E      #30   00040860      #264288 (#258K)
  Nonrelocatable                 0BCB    #3019   0060A16C     #6332780 (#6184K)
  Relocatable                    11A7    #4519   00481A90     #4725392 (#4614K)
    Locked                       059B    #1435   0031D220     #3265056 (#3188K)
    Purgeable and not locked     0017      #23   00012B10       #76560 (#74K)
  Heap size                      1D90    #7568   00ACC45C    #11322460 (#10M)
 The target heap is the Process Manager heap at 00ACECA0
 Totaling the Process Manager heap at 00ACECA0
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           000F      #15   02D7A2A0    #47686304 (#45M)
  Nonrelocatable                 0003       #3   0000679C       #26524 (#25K)
  Relocatable                    0068     #104   00525B80     #5397376 (#5270K)
    Locked                       0020      #32   00491130     #4788528 (#4676K)
    Purgeable and not locked     0001       #1   00056DD0      #355792 (#347K)
  Heap size                      007A     #122   032A65BC    #53110204 (#50M)
 The target heap is the “Netscape AOL Instant Messenger” heap at 03785410
 Totaling the “Netscape AOL Instant Messenger” heap at 03785410
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           000E      #14   001A8E10     #1740304 (#1699K)
  Nonrelocatable                 0090     #144   00091E6C      #597612 (#583K)
  Relocatable                    02E8     #744   00037A40      #227904 (#222K)
    Locked                       002F      #47   000046A0       #18080 (#17K)
    Purgeable and not locked     0004       #4   000000C0         #192
  Heap size                      0386     #902   002726BC     #2565820 (#2505K)
 Displaying File Control Blocks
  FRef Name                         VRef Type Fl ForkID   LogEOF
  0002 System                       FFFF zsys mW rsrc     00824071
  0006 **** EXTENTS B-TREE          FFFF •••• mw data     00100000
  000A **** CATALOG B-TREE          FFFF •••• mw data     00700000
  00AE StdLog                       FFFF TEXT mW data     000018BD
  00B2 ì·ñ{åÍâ*êÕÉvÉâÉOÉCÉì         FFFF shlb mw data     00032D24
  00B6 é©ìÆäwèKé´èë                 FFFF dict mw data     00007CD9
  00BA AppleScriptLib               FFFF shlb mw data     000029BC
  00BE AppleScript                  FFFF thng mw data     00010560
  00C2 ÉÜÅ[ÉUé´èë                   FFFF dict mw data     00003201
  00C6 FontAnnexFile                FFFF xfnt mW data     000002DC
  00CA System                       FFFF zsys mw data     006F74F2
  00CE Finder êðíË                  FFFF pref mW rsrc     0000023A
  00D2 ColorSync ã@î\ägí£           FFFF appe mw data     00066E0A
  00D6 ÉÜÅ[ÉUé´èë-ãt௠             FFFF rdic mw data     00003E49
  00DA äÓñ{é´èë                     FFFF dict mw data     00563000
  00DE äÓñ{é´èë-ãt௠               FFFF rdic mw data     007AE000
  00E2 é©ìÆäwèKé´èë-ãt௠           FFFF dict mw data     00007CD9
  00E6 ÉRÉìÉeÉNÉXÉgÉÅÉjÉÖÅ[ã@î\ägí£ FFFF INIT mw data     00010467
  00EA ì·ñ{åÍâ*êÕÉvÉâÉOÉCÉìèâä·êðíË FFFF pref mw data     000055FE
  00EE SOMobjects* for Mac OS       FFFF shlb mw data     0001F880
  00F2 Apple ÉKÉCÉh                 FFFF INIT mw data     0008E2D8
  00F6 ïWèÄã@î\í«â¡                 FFFF osax mw data     000228C4
  00FE Language Kit èâä·êðíË        FFFF pref mW rsrc     00000228
  0102 AppleTalk ÉXÉCÉbÉ`           FFFF sdev mw data     00002DFA
  0106 QuickTime*                   FFFF INIT mw data     00069978
  010A Desktop DB                   FFFF BTFL mW data     00080000
  010E Type 1 Scaler                FFFF sclr mw data     00087577
  0116 ÉTÉEÉìÉhÉ}ÉlÅ[ÉWÉÉ           FFFF INIT mw data     00004AEC
  011A Desktop DF                   FFFF DTFL mW data     0026DEC2
  011E Open Transport ASLM Modules  FFFF libr mw rsrc     0008EE9C
  0122 Open Transport               FFFF otsl mw data     000EC882
  0126 ÉlÉbÉgÉèÅ[ÉNêðíËã@î\ägí£     FFFF shlb mw data     00071648
  012A ÉRÉìÉgÉçÅ[ÉãÉoÅ[ã@î\ägí£     FFFF appe mW rsrc     00012295
  0136 ÉtÉHÉãÉ_ÉAÉNÉVÉáÉì           FFFF appe mW rsrc     00001459
  013E ÉÇÉjÉ^äKí*                   FFFF sdev mw data     00001CEA
  0142 É^ÉCÉÄÅEÉVÉìÉNÉçÉiÉCÉU       FFFF appe mW rsrc     00001E89
  0146 Web ã§óLÅiÉRÉìÉgÉçÅ[ÉãÉoÅ[Åj FFFF sdev mw data     00005356
  014A ÉlÉbÉgÉèÅ[ÉNêðíËã@î\ägí£     FFFF shlb mw rsrc     00006CA0
  0152 íPäøéöé´èë                   FFFF dict mw data     0003C000
  0156 Open Transport ASLM Modules  FFFF libr mw rsrc     0008EE9C
  015A íPäøéöé´èë-ãt௠             FFFF rdic mw data     00079000
  015E DZÇ*ǶÇË                     FFFF thng mw data     0008A818
  0162 PrintingLib                  FFFF shlb mw data     000AE87A
  0166 Finder                       FFFF FNDR mw rsrc     000972FD
  016A Finder                       FFFF FNDR mw data     001CDFFA
  016E åæåÍâ*êÕÉâÉCÉuÉâÉä           FFFF shlb mw data     0002C374
  0172 ÉlÉbÉgÉèÅ[ÉNêðíËã@î\ägí£     FFFF shlb mw rsrc     00006CA0
  0176 É^ÉCÉÄÅEÉVÉìÉNÉçÉiÉCÉU       FFFF appe mw data     00009D04
  017A ÉÇÉjÉ^â*ëúìx                 FFFF sdev mw data     00003642
  017E â*å*                         FFFF sdev mw data     00001AFA
  0182 QuickTime* PowerPlug         FFFF INIT mw data     0003E8CE
  0186 ÉtÉHÉãÉ_ÉAÉNÉVÉáÉì           FFFF appe mw data     00005134
  018A HID Library                  FFFF shlb mw data     000041CC
  0192 â*ó                          FFFF sdev mw data     0000103A
  0196 Color Picker                 FFFF INIT mw data     00001900
  019A File Sharing Library         FFFF shlb mw data     0000E421
  019E ÉtÉHÉìÉgÉAÉbÉvÉfÅ[É^ã@î\ägí£ FFFF INIT mw data     000105C7
  01A2 ÉrÉfÉIÉ~ÉâÅ[ÉäÉìÉO           FFFF sdev mw data     0000114A
  01AA File Sharing Library         FFFF shlb mw rsrc     00001179
  01BE VM Storage                   FFFF ZSYS mW data     04400000
  01C2 ÉtÉ@ÉCÉãã§óL (ÉRÉìÉgÉçÅ[ÉãÉ… FFFF sdev mw data     000021BA
  01CA Open Transport ASLM Modules  FFFF libr mw rsrc     0008EE9C
  01CE Serial (Built-in)            FFFF libr mw rsrc     0000F720
  01D2 Security Library             FFFF shlb mw data     000FABF2
  01D6 System Resources             FFFF zsyr mw rsrc     000F8F60
  01DE ÉRÉìÉgÉçÅ[ÉãÉoÅ[ã@î\ägí£     FFFF appe mw data     00000CE8
  0202 Text Encoding Converter      FFFF shlb mw data     00025890
  020A ÉCÉìÉ^Å[ÉlÉbÉgêðíËã@î\ägí£   FFFF thng mw data     00006C3C
  020E Security Manager             FFFF shlb mw data     00048736
  021E Chinese Encodings            FFFF ecpg mw data     00003A88
  0226 Japanese Encodings           FFFF ecpg mw data     00003EE8
  022E Korean Encodings             FFFF ecpg mw data     000028F8
  0236 Unicode Encodings            FFFF ecpg mw data     00004178
  028E Security Storage Module      FFFF shlb mw data     00079D23
  02AA Security Cert Module         FFFF shlb mw data     0004AA34
  02C2 Security Policy Module       FFFF shlb mw data     0002EBDE
  0316 åüçi CM çÄñ/                 FFFF cmpi mw data     00006702
  0336 ÉtÉHÉãÉ_ÉAÉNÉVÉáÉìÉÅÉjÉÖÅ[   FFFF cmpi mw data     0000275F
  033E UDFBridgeCMPlugin            FFFF cmpi mw data     0000148D
  0356 Netscape AOL Instant Messen… FFFF APPL mW rsrc     000E5159
  0362 Netscape AOL Instant Messen… FFFF APPL mw data     00216526
  037A AIM Prefs                    FFFF Pref mW rsrc     00000F7D
  01A6 Desktop DB                   FFFE BTFL mW data     0000D000
  01AE Desktop DF                   FFFE DTFL mW data     0005A302
  01B6 **** EXTENTS B-TREE          FFFE •••• mw data     000FF200
  01BA **** CATALOG B-TREE          FFFE •••• mw data     000FF200
  #256 FCBs, #133 in use (including #47 fonts not listed), #123 free
 Displaying Volume Control Blocks
  vRef VolName             Flg dRef Drv# FSID NumBlks  BlkSiz FilCnt DirCnt 
BlsdDir  VCBPtr
  FFFF Mac 8500            dsh FFDF 0008 0000 FFE6     008000 002196 0004BF 
0003C2DE 0000B3A0
  FFFE Mac OS 8.1          dSh FFDC 0004 0000 F625     001A00 000560 000119 
00000644 0020CFD0
  #2 VCBs
 Displaying Drive Queue
  Drive Volume               Flags dRef Driver Name           FSID   Size   QElem 
  0008  Mac 8500             leiS  FFDF .ASYC00               0000 003FF9BD 
  0004  Mac OS 8.1           LEIS  FFDC .AppleCD              0000 000C8000 
  0001  <none>               lEiS  FFFB .Sony                 0000 00000000 
  #3 drives
 Displaying Driver Control Entries
  dRef dNum Driver                      Flg  Ver   qHead  Stor/Ver Dely  Drvr at 
DCE at
  FFFC 0003 .Sound                      bPO   #0 00000000 00000000 0000 FFD08EA0 
  FFFB 0004 .Sony                       bPO   #3 00000000 00000000 0000 0028BE70 
  FFFA 0005 .AIn                        bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 004D29A0 
  FFF9 0006 .AOut                       bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 004D2A60 
  FFF8 0007 .BIn                        bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 004D2B20 
  FFF7 0008 .BOut                       bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 004D2BE0 
  FFF6 0009 .MPP                        bPO  #60 00000000 00000001 0000 00479D90 
  FFF5 000A .ATP                        bPO  #58 00000000 004A40F0 0000 0041F190 
  FFDF 0020 .ASYC00                     bPO   #0 00000000 0009E42E 0000 000A204E 
  FFDC 0023 .AppleCD                    bPO   #0 00000000 0009FA0E 0001 000AA8CE 
  FFD7 0028 .XPP                        bPO  #58 00000000 003E2920 0000 004645A0 
  FFD6 0029 .AFPTranslator              bPO   #0 00000000 0057E4A0 003C 00591800 
  FFCF 0030 .DAVAudio                   bPO   #0 00000000 01.21f00 0000 0005B8C8 
  FFCE 0031 .EDisk                      bPC   #0 00000000 00000000 0000 FFCDD5F0 
  FFCD 0032 .Display_Video_Apple_Contr… bPO   #0 00000000 01.04f07 0000 00055568 
  FFCC 0033 .AppleSoundInput            bPO  #50 00000000 01.32f00 0000 00055168 
  FFCB 0034 .ASLM                       bPO   #2 00000000 00000000 0000 00053550 
  FFCA 0035 .SLM                        bPO   #2 00000000 00000000 0000 00055BC0 
  FFC9 0036 .DSP                        bPO  #58 00000000 003D84F0 0000 0048FA00 
  FFC8 0037 .ipp                        bPC   #0 00000000 00000000 0000 004C2090 
  FFC7 0038 .Infra                      bPO  #21 00000000 0004B600 0000 004C2C40 
  FFC5 003A .HDI                        bPO   #0 00000000 00613770 001E 00698870 
  FFC0 003F .swmdrvr                    bHO   #0 00000000 0038E300 001E 00398C80 
  FFA1 005E .PrinterShare               bHO   #0 00000000 003D98A0 0000 005DB170 
  FFA0 005F .DisplayBezelMgr            bHO   #0 00000000 004A5F38 0001 00581880 
  #96 Unit Table entries, #25 in use, #71 free
 Displaying resource information:
  >   Map $03805358, flags $6000, file $037A = AIM Prefs
      Map $03785598, flags $0000, file $0356 = Netscape AOL Instant Messenger
   +  Map $00003180, flags $801A, file $0003 = •ROM resources that override 
    S Map $00003370, flags $200D, file $0002 = System
      Map $00398AB4, flags $001C, file $01AA = File Sharing Library
      Map $0038E274, flags $001C, file $00FE = Language Kit èâä·êðíË
      Map $000030FC, flags $0014, file $01D6 = System Resources
      [Skipped $002F maps belonging to font files]
 Calling chain using A6/R1 links
  Back chain  ISA  Caller
 Return addresses on the stack
  Stack Addr  Frame Addr   ISA   Caller
   03A136A8                PPC   0BF12A98 BowelsOfTheMemoryMgr+0281C
   03A13684                68K   00265828 'scod BFAF 0002'+05B78
   03A13672                PPC   0356037C
   03A13668    03A13660    PPC   00313A50 NQDSetCursor+000F0
   03A13638    03A13630    PPC   0BF155E4 BowelsOfTheMemoryMgr+05368
   03A13608                PPC   0B284590
   03A135E8    03A135E0    PPC   0BF18438 BowelsOfTheMemoryMgr+081BC
   03A135C8                PPC   0B1893D8
   03A1358E                PPC   0356037C
   03A13588    03A13580    PPC   0B24CE24
   03A13578    03A13570    PPC   0B2EE2B0
   03A13548    03A13540    PPC   FFD60300 OSEventAvail+00028
   03A13538    03A13530    PPC   FFD55040 TSMEvent+00020
   03A134C8    03A134C0    PPC   0BEDB7D8 __TSMEvent+0017C
   03A13492                PPC   0356037C
   03A13418    03A13410    PPC   0BEDAB8C __ActivateTSMDocument+017D0
   03A133D8    03A133D0    PPC   0BEDFDA0 __SendAEToClient+03598
   03A133B8    03A133B0    PPC   FFD4D0C0 GetProcessInformation+00024
   03A133A8    03A133A0    PPC   0BED9A2C __ActivateTSMDocument+00670
   03A1337E                PPC   0356037C
   03A13374                68K   00099432
   03A13368    03A13360    PPC   00307970 BeginSystemMode+00018
   03A13358    03A13350    PPC   002F4D38 UCTextServiceEvent+0003C
   03A132EE                68K   00F0FDFE
 Displaying memory from sp
  03A132B0  0000 0010 03A1 32E0  03A1 3388 0000 0000  •••••°2ý•°3à••••
  03A132C0  03C4 03A1 3BF0 03A1  3360 03A1 32F0 0000  •ƒ•°;*•°3`•°2*••
  03A132D0  03A1 332C 03A1 3324  0000 0000 0000 0000  •°3,•°3$••••••••
  03A132E0  FE02 0000 7DD6 4A80  03A1 3350 0000 00F0  *•••}÷JÄ•°3P•••*
  03A132F0  FE02 0000 000F D1DC  03A1 3360 0000 00AE  *•••••—Е°3`•••Æ
  03A13300  0000 0000 0000 0000  0000 0001 0000 0000  ••••••••••••••••
  03A13310  0000 0000 0000 0000  0000 0000 0000 0000  ••••••••••••••••
  03A13320  0000 0000 0384 C9E0  0000 0000 0000 0001  •••••Ñ…ý••••••••
 Displaying memory from 0
  00000000  FFC1 0000 FFC1 0000  0025 FD06 0025 FD08  *¡••*¡•••%*••%*•
  00000010  0025 FD0A 0025 FD0C  FFC0 31A8 FFC0 31AA  •%*••%*•*¿1®*¿1™
 Closing log

Comment 8

18 years ago
This is not a JA OS specific problem. I've seen this for more than a week on my 
US Mac OS 9.

Comment 9

18 years ago
Bom-shik, Can you get a Macsbug dump from your US Mac OS9?

Cc'd selmer.  Steve, amasri thinks it may have something to do with the profile
manager.  Can you get whoever is your Mac expert on the profile manager to\
look at this too?

Cc'd amusil.  Alex, the Macsbug dumps lists:
   Current application is “Netscape AOL Instant Messenger”
Can you have your Mac AIM guy look at this too?
Keywords: beta1

Comment 10

18 years ago
Forgot to cc amusil.  Please read previous comment.

Comment 11

18 years ago
Please note: above MacsBug log taken during system hang at startup after reboot, 
not during application hang.

Comment 12

18 years ago
Yeah, that log doesn't contain any info about this failure. Ignore it.

Comment 13

18 years ago
I don't think I should be the owner. But I don't know who I should assign to 

Comment 14

18 years ago
So what _is_ the problem here? The title of the bug says that it only fails on 
Japanese systems, but comments in the bug say that launch failure can occur on 
any system. This bug needs to be clarified, or closed as invalid.

Comment 15

18 years ago
This seems clear enough to me. We recognize that this happens on MacOS 9.0-ja, 
consistently. Later, we observed that this also happened on MacOS 9.0 us, with 
international language kit. Most recently, this morning, seamonkey launched on 
MacOs 9.0 with international language kit but crashed during smoke test and 
corrupted the system, which failed to reboot. Originally, I assigned it to 
profile manager, but it is clearly not a profile manager problem, since that 
problem only happens on MacOS-ja, and this also happens on MacOS-us. 

Comment 16

18 years ago
Does the machine with MacOS 9.0-ja installed have Japanese characters in any disk 
or folder names? If so, this is likely a URL escaping issue, and should be 
investigated by necko folks.

Comment 17

18 years ago
Yes, the MacOS 9.0-ja has japanese filenames. But the macOS 9.0-us that I am 
currently using does not. The problem occurred this morning after I visited 
several Japanese and Latin1 sites. In previous instances, I did not load any 
site before the system crashed and became corrupted.

Comment 18

18 years ago
amasri: does your us system have any folders with a / in their name?

Comment 19

18 years ago
no. The macos 9.0-us is a newly installed system. I have no personal files on 
this computer.

Comment 20

18 years ago
cc'ing andreas

Comment 21

18 years ago
Hmmm ... this could also be a problem with the nsIFile implementation for the


18 years ago
Keywords: crash
Summary: Macintosh fails to launch on japanese systems → Macintosh fails to launch and crashes OS

Comment 22

18 years ago
jar, Please find an owner for this.
It is reproducible on freshly installed US MacOS 9.0.
Assignee: ftang → jar
Keywords: dogfood

Comment 23

18 years ago said it may related to 26743. Gordon, sdagley said you are 
a Mac file system guru, can you help to look at this ?

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18 years ago
Putting on PDT+ radar for beta1.
Whiteboard: [PDT+]

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18 years ago
hmmm.... it is an evil deed indeed to assign this to jar (me).
I'll copy some folks that might have a shot at doing an assignment (rickg,
jevering, clayton), and if that doesn't work, then I'll "pass it along" to one
of them.

Any volunteers? Suggestions?



Comment 26

18 years ago
amasri: what is the name of the hard drive where it is installed?  What is the 
name of the folder where you've installed 5.0?

Comment 27

18 years ago
As this has been occurring on several systems, the question seems irrelevant, 
but currently my hard drive is "Mac 8500" and 5.0 folder is netscape5-mac-m14.

Comment 28

18 years ago
This has also occured on Sujay & Shrirang's iMacs in the past two weeks, using 

U.S. systems.

Comment 29

18 years ago
Let's not be hasty here. The bug that trashed sujay and shri's machines was a 
specific bug with image icon loading (bug 6553) and has been fixed. Don't confuse 
that with this bug, which, I assume, is happening in current builds.

Comment 30

18 years ago
with 20000211 build, this no longer happens. changing resolution to invalid.

Last Resolved: 18 years ago18 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID

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18 years ago
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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