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in javascript onClick="'image.php?lang=en','pleinEcranBonheur','fullscreen=yes, scrollbars=no')"; features do not work


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Not set





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Build Identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; fr-FR; rv:1.7.5) Gecko/20041108 Firefox/1.0

feature "fullscreen" does not give full screen (see fullscreen image
link at bottom of the page)

feature "status" does not suppress status bar (see story links in the page)

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce: on the links
2.the windows open, but with wrong features

Actual Results:  
problem fullscreen : the window is not in fullscreen
problem status: the status bar still appears, hiding part of the content (window
has purposelly no scrollbars)

Expected Results:  
problem fullscreen : the window should be in complete fullscreen (no bars, no
borders, no system tray, only the window content) 
problem status: the status bar should not appear

I wish you pay special attention to the onclick It is the only mean
to allow the webdesigner to control the format of the window, suppressing
useless features to give more room to the content, or to give it a better frame.
fullscreen is an IE-only extension.  There might be a bug on supporting it, but
that'd be in layout or javascript components, not specific to Firefox.

status is ignored due to security reasons (you can choose to respect it locally
via a hidden pref). IE 6 under SP2 does the same thing. 
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Summary: in javascript onClick="'image.php?lang=en','pleinEcranBonheur','fullscreen=yes, scrollbars=no')"; features do not work → in javascript onClick="'image.php?lang=en','pleinEcranBonheur','fullscreen=yes, scrollbars=no')"; features do not work
Resolution: INVALID → ---
OK bug 272241 is not a bug, features "status" and "fullscreen" are purposelly 
blocked for security reasons. 
But many pages use them, as it is the only way for web designers to control the 
surrounding of a page, for visibility or artistic purposes. So if you disable 
these features, it blocks many things. So I think it is important that you may 
find fixes:

-if feature "status" is set to "no", the status bar (or at least its content) 
would remain visible during the downloading takes place, and be hidden after 
when the download is complete and it is no longer useful. Some work for you, 
but much more work for all webdesigners otherwise.
-About feature "fullscreen" set to "yes", it really arises problems when sites 
abusively open full screen pages without providing means to close them. I have 
no brillant idea at hand for this, perhaps firefox should accept the fullscreen 
only if there is in the page some javascript allowing a user's action to close 
the window. But it is not simple. (There is the F11 tip, but many users do not 
know it, from here the interest to handle the full screen automatically.)

Thank you to see about this.
Blocks: 265097
Dear Mike Connord, (Comment #1) about status bar being all the time here even 
if we disable it with the javascript feature status=no

The fact that Firefox is suppressing the status bar is not enough to ensure a 
full security. The large majority of users is too naive to look at it, and even 
if we look, the interesting information often just blinks in, so that it is too 
fast to be really useful.

The security problem about the status bar is (among others) a phishing issue: a 
legitimate site ( opens a window (lookMyAccount) which is then 
hijacked by another site (phisher.hak) using a javascript ( to 
deceipt the user. For this there are other much more efficient solutions 
than "censoring" artistic or multimedia sites (bug 265097):
-making a semi-permanent status bar, which disappears when the download is 
finished (when the feature status=no is demanded)
-forbid that if a window is opened by a given site, it would be used by another 
(in the example phisher.hak cannot use the lookMyAccount window, it has to open 
another one even if it is the same name).
(The .hak domain name extension is new, don't you heard about it?)
Dear Mike Connord, (Comment #1) about the fullscreen window feature (with 

I think that the fact that this feature would be only implemented by Internet 
Explorer is absolutelly not a reason not to implement it on other browsers. Is 
is widely used for artistic reasons, or for multimedia content (bug 265097) 
(and alas also by some nasty sites which hijack our screen to send us plenty of 
ads while forbidding us to stop them) 

This issue is widely discussed in many forums on Javascript and webdesign; many 
affirm that opening a full screen window is not correct as it hampers the 
navigation of the user. But I think that there are real legitimate reasons to 
use full screen. And the way it is used is rather a problem of site design than 
of the browser. It is not because some persons use knives to make murders that 
we forbad all the knives and cut our bread with spoons. 

Especially there are ways to warn the visitors before entering, and to show him 
clearly how to get out. If you look at my own site at (at the very bottom of 
the page) (With Internet Explorer...) you can see how I managed it: "open in 
full screen", then "click on the image to close" in french and in english, so 
that even if the guy does not know to read he can exit of my fullscreen with 
clicking at random, and recover his previous window where he left it. 

So please re-allow the full screen before destroying millions of pages and 
years of work.
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Component: JavaScript Console → General
OS: Windows 2000 → All
Hardware: PC → All

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